How Can Glucomannan Help You Lose Weight?

How Can Glucomannan Help You Lose Weight?

As we all know, losing weight is not the easiest of tasks, with all sorts of products claiming to help burn fat, improve portion control and increase satiety. And with celebrities, bloggers and insta-famous stars endorsing all kinds weight loss teas, fat burners and carb blockers – it’s safe to say, it can all be pretty confusing knowing what can help you in your weight loss efforts.

When embarking on a diet, you’ll be happy to hear, there’s one product causing a storm in the weight loss world – the dietary fibre, glucomannan. Approved by the EU commission for weight loss, this natural diet aid works in a pretty clever way…

What is Glucomannan?


Glucomannan is a natural, water-soluble, dietary fibre that is extracted from the roots of the elephant yam. It has many uses within herbal mixtures in weight loss supplements and in foods like tofu, noodles and konjac jelly. You may be familiar with ‘zero noodles’ – 8 calorie pasta, noodles and rice which have been referred to as ‘the holy grail of dieting’, namely due to their ability to make you feel full without eating excess amounts of carbohydrates, or even calories.

Glucomannan and Ghrelin

When it comes to weight loss, the biggest hurdle is often resisting hunger urges, that dying desire for just one naughty slice of toast, a bowl of pasta or bar of chocolate. It’s these hunger urges which are stimulated by the hormone Ghrelin, which is secreted by the stomach. When ingested, Glucomannan helps reduce Ghrelin secretions by signalling to the brain that you are full. It’s this mechanism which results in weight loss by ensuring you feel completely satisfied, reducing the urge to snack.

How does it work?

Glucomannan’s ability to promote weight loss is brought about via several mechanisms:

  • It promotes feeling of fullness
  • It reduces absorption of protein and fat
  • It has a very low-calorie count
  • It delays stomach emptying

Having an extraordinary ability to absorb water (thanks to its nutritional structure), glucomannan has a pretty impressive weight loss capability. Once consumed, the stomach becomes chock-full of water and therefore promotes feelings of fullness (satiety).  Glucomannan empties very slowly from the stomach ensuring you stay full longer reducing the urge to snack.  What’s even better, Glucomannan has a very low-calorie count.

Does it really work?

Understanding the mechanism behind how it works within the body is one thing, but evidence it actually works on real people is the real bread and butter when it comes to investing in a product right?

Well, how’s this for evidence: a study, carried out on 176 overweight people (wowee), comparing glucomannan with a placebo while on calorie-restricted diet found the below:

Glucomannan Effects on Weight Loss

As you can see from the graph, after  5 weeks, weight loss was significantly higher for those consuming glucomannan when compared with the placebo. Many other studys have found the same – click below to read more.

How do I take it?

Well, lucky you asked…we’ve created our very own, exclusive, glucomannan weight loss drink, Sip ‘n’ Slim! Sip ‘n’ slim is a Blackcurrant flavoured drink which has been approved by the EU commission for weight loss – click above to get yours for a simple way to achieve your body weight goals.

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