Thoughtful Christmas Gifts: Myvitamins Limited-Edition Festive Boxes

The countdown to the festive season has officially started and it’s time to think about presents. If you’re looking for thoughtful Christmas gifts that beat your usual stocking fillers, we’re here to help. Our limited-edition boxes are the perfect option for those wanting to boost their health and wellness from within. Here’s everything you need to know.

Skincare Christmas Box 

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts

Designed to help your hair and skin to look its best, this box is an expert collection of Myvitamins favourites and popular beauty gifts. 

Here’s what’s inside: 

  • Glov Mask Remover Cloth A popular make-up removing glove which gently exfoliates the skin and removes residue. 
  • Phillip Kingsley Polishing Serum A light serum that conditions and styles frizz-prone hair. 
  • Vitamasques Holographic & Gold Eye Patches Under eye patches with added hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture and brighten your complexion.
  • Caudalie Instant Detox Mask – A refreshing face mask designed to remove dead skin cells and tighten skin.
  • Give Them Lala Aloha Bronzer – A highly pigmented bronzer that lasts all day. 
  • Beauty Bites (Sample) A Salted Caramel Almond flavour blend of key beauty ingredients, including retinol, collagen and vitamin C.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (30s) A convenient source of a moisture-retaining molecule, found naturally in the skin. 
  • Collagen Capsules (90s) – A hydrolysed form of collagen, designed to support your natural levels from within.

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Relaxation Christmas Box  

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts

Whilst the run up to Christmas can be an exciting one, festive preparations can leave us feeling stressed and fatigued. Our Relaxation Christmas Box is a combination of wellness must-haves to help you unwind.

This box includes:  

  • Myvitamins Eye Mask – A sleep essential, ideal for ensuring a restful, deep sleep.
  • This Works ‘Choose Sleep’ Kit –  Two sleep solutions, designed to help you sleep well at night so you can focus during the day.
  • Little Book Of Mindfulness – A bestselling guide to meditation. 
  • AVAHA Superfood Kale & Turmeric Smoothing Body Lotion –  A gentle formula, enriched with antioxidants to hydrate dry, tired skin.
  • Bubble T Bath Star Dust – A foaming powder that transforms your evening routine. 
  • Magnesium (90s)An essential mineral needed for energy production, muscle function and more. 
  • 5HTP (90s) A popular wellness supplement, with 50mg of 5HTP per capsule.
  • Relax Shot (Sample) A Peach flavour daily drink, formulated with minerals and herbal extracts. 

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Whether you’re boosting your beauty regime or trying to relax before the festive season, these boxes make a perfect gift this Christmas. Shop them now whilst stocks last!

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Katie Lambert

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