Health Benefits Of Turmeric

Health Benefits Of Turmeric

Turmeric the root of a plant from the well-known ginger family. Containing active compounds called curcumin, it has been used in India as part of Ayurveda medicine for thousands of years. In our modern world turmeric is most likely to be spotted in the spice aisle of your local supermarket, in the form of a bright yellow/orange powder, which gives an earthy flavour to curries (and yellow stains to fingers!). But I’m not going to be sharing my favourite Balti recipe with you today …

Not only is this a tasty ingredient at the dinner table, this ancient spice has been traditionally used for a range of health benefits. 

But How Easy Is It to Get Enough Turmeric?

It’s important to mention that the Indian study I discussed before, reflects daily consumptions of turmeric in Indian population. This spice is in almost everyone’s diet on a regular basis. For example, people drink turmeric milk and tea for breakfast, they add it to their scrambled eggs (delicious by the way, a must try!) and families are brought up eating curries daily. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a curry just as much as the next person but I don’t fancy eating one every day.



Lastly but importantly, if you don’t want to be wasting all that golden goodness, this supplement needs some helping hands.

Take Turmeric With Fat…

Try adding coconut milk to your curry’s, and healthy oils to your supplement regime. These healthy fat sources are needed for nutrient absorption, without it the benefits can’t be reaped from the turmeric.

Take Turmeric with Pepper, or Even Better Bioperine…

Meaning, add in pepper to your cooking or make sure your supplement contains Bioperine, this is an extract derived from black pepper. According to an article published in the “Journal of Ayruveda and Integrative Medicine” in 2010 this is important is because it aids in the absorption of turmerics powerful active compounds. The most established effect of Biopeprine is its effect on absorption of nutrients from the intestine. This effect is known as “bio-enhancement.” Not only that,  Bioperine is noted for its antidepressant activity, although is not yet been firmly established, a trial demonstrated supplementation had antidepressant and cognitive-enhancing effects.




Roxanne Griggs

Roxanne Griggs

Public Health Nutritionist (ANutr)

Qualified, Public Health Nutritionist (ANutr).