Reasons to Love Autumn

With the occurrence of the autumnal equinox last week, summer 2019 has officially ended. Although the days of sunning by the pool on holiday, BBQs and garden parties have drawn to a close, there’s plenty to get excited for in the coming months. We’re here to share some positivity and delve deep into the reasons to love autumn (and how to make the most of them).

4 Best Things About Autumn


1. Enjoy the Great Outdoors


Who doesn’t love a fresh autumnal morning? The season is synonymous with warm, earthy colours and crisp mornings, so it’s a great time to get up early and go for a walk to get your day off to the best start. The great British summer weather is usually a disappointment, but we usually get some beautiful days in autumn. They may be colder, but the crisp air and golden leaves are something to make the most of. Whether it’s for a run to burn the calories or an evening stroll to help clear your head, try our CLA Softgels for extra support reaching your fitness goals, a popular supplement for active men and women.

Autumn morning walk with leaves

2. Cosy Nights In


One of the best things about autumn is being able to relax indoors without feeling guilty that you’re missing out on all the events that happen over summer. Your favourite film, comfy blankets and a pumpkin-spiced candle: what’s not to love? If you’re looking to give your night-time routine that extra sense of calm, try our Beauty Sleep Capsules, a relaxing blend of vitamins and minerals for a peaceful night’s sleep and to support the health your hair, skin and nails.

Vitamins for sleep night-time routine

3. Good Food and Hot Drinks


With summer drawing to a close, the plates of salads and cups of iced drinks have lessened. In autumn, what’s better than comforting soups, pies and a few other home favourites? And how could we forget about the hot drinks? Mulled wine, hot chocolate and spiced lattes. If you’re looking for a hot chocolate you can enjoy guilt-free this Autumn, try our Beauty Hot Chocolate, a low sugar, low calorie instant hot chocolate enriched with collagen and beauty vitamins for just 36 calories per serving.

Hot chocolate night-time beauty routine

4. Holiday Events


Just because it’s Autumn doesn’t mean there isn’t loads of fun to be had. There’s Halloween to get dressed up for, bonfire night to enjoy, and with time drawing closer to December, it’s acceptable to start getting excited for Christmas. With all these events and parties to look forward to, it’s important to support your everyday health and well-being. Try our blend of seven essential vitamins in one convenient tablet with our Daily Multivitamin to help you keep up with those hectic schedules.

Autumn pumpkins



Judging by this list, there are plenty of reasons to love autumn. From fun events to cosy nights in, it’s clear that there are plenty of ways to enjoy the season. Whether you rejoice indoors with some TLC, or feel at your best while in the beautiful outdoors that transforms as autumn begins, there’s something about Autumn that everyone can fall in love with. What’s your favourite way to enjoy the season?

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