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The Best 2 Vitamins For Eyes

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Our sight is one of our major points of contact with our environment, and it relies largely on the health and condition of our eyes. As we age and are exposed to different environmental conditions, our eye health and sight inevitably diminish. But fortunately, there are several vitamins for eyes that can help us to maintain eye health and vision!

First, let’s try to understand what factors affect our eyes and our sight, and what risk they pose to us as we age.


Environmental Factors On Eye Health

As we age, our eyesight inevitably diminishes. However, exposure to some environments can actually increase the rate at which age has an effect on our eyes.

1. Technology

In the modern world, most of us spend a lot of time behind a screen. Office workers can spend up to 12 hours a day staring at computer and phone screens, which can have an effect on our eyes. Digital Eye Strain, or Computer Vision Syndrome, is an ever-growing health concern that can encompass a range of symptoms like eye pain, fatigue, dry eyes, and blurred vision. Unfortunately, this health issue can only get worse with age as the lens in our eyes become less flexible around age 40. However, if you’re struggling with bright screens which can often be a (literal) eyesore, be sure to switch to dark mode on your devices for less stress on your eyes.

2. Pollution

Our eyes are sensitive and prone to irritations from allergies, chemicals, and pollutants. It can cause our eyes to become irritated, itchy, and reddened. People living in areas with low Air Quality Index are three to four times more likely to develop issues with their eyes.

3. Smoking

Smoking is generally bad for your health but it is specifically so for our eye health. It doubles the risk of changes in the lens of your eye, which can result in cloudy vision.


workers staring at a screen to show why we need vitamins for eyes

By reducing or avoiding these environmental factors, we can help to improve and maintain the health of our eyes. For example, we can use high-quality air filtration systems. But what else can we do to ensure our eyes are always in good health?


Best Vitamins For Eyes In The UK

We can stop doing some things to keep our eyes in good health, but there are things that we can start doing too. Taking certain vitamins for eyes is one way that may help to maintain and even improve eye health. Here are the top 2 vitamins for eyes that we think are most important:

  1. Vitamin A
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    Vitamin A

    Did your parents ever tell you that carrots will help you to see in the dark? Although it isn’t strictly true, Carrots are one of the most abundant sources of beta-carotene — a precursor to vitamin A – which is thought to improve eye health.

    That’s because Vitamin A and beta-carotene do protect the surface of the eye — the cornea — and the underlying structures. This is why some lubricating eye drops contain vitamin A!



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  2. Eye Spy
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    Eye Spy

    We developed a special blend of vitamins for eyes that each have antioxidant properties. Together, they can help to lubricate the eyes and affect our sensitivity to light.

    Our special formula contains Vitamin A, Riboflavin, and Zinc to contribute to the maintenance of normal vision, and Bilberry to maintain eye health through anti-oxidant and vascular effects.

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