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A Lesson In Self Defence: 3 Tips To Fight The Common Cold

September is the perfect time to practice a little self defence. It’s a busy time of year, with many of us preparing for university or getting the kids ready for school. Without the right self defence, it can make us ill!

At one time, I was always ill. I worked in a primary school and from September to February I was ill – blocked nose, dizzy head, scratchy voice. But I had no time to be ill. There were lessons to teach, learning goals to meet, and children to keep motivated. I was too busy. But in my rush to do everything yesterday, I neglected to think about my body’s self defence mechanisms. With playground duties and admin dramas, I wasn’t eating well. With lesson planning and a constant stream of emails, I wasn’t sleeping well. I was quite literally running myself into the ground. So one day, I stopped. I realised that I had to give my body the things that it needed to survive. I had to look after myself.

Now, if this sounds familiar you need to read on.

Apple, orange, and self defence to get over a cold


Our Immune System

I learnt my lesson in self defence then. I kept getting ill because I wasn’t giving my immune system the ammunition to fight bugs.

There are 3 vitamins that our immune system needs every day:

  1. Vitamin C
    It is carried in our immune cells and comes into action during infection.
  2. Zinc
    This essential mineral has lots of benefits for our health, including boosting our immune system.
  3. Vitamin D3
    It’s so important that we get enough of this ‘sunshine vitamin’ in the colder months. It is used by the immune system fight off

But it’s likely that your immune system is run down because you’re so busy. Remembering to make sure you’re getting enough of all 3 of these vitamins every day is another task that you probably don’t have time for…

Self Defence

We developed the perfect all-in-one to make it a little simpler.

Self Defence provides a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in one convenient supplement. It contains vitamin C as a powerful antioxidant, zinc in just the right amount, vitamin D3 to support your immune system, and vitamin B12 for an added boost. It’s the simplest way to practice a little self defence.

More Tips & Tricks

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