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Is There Such A Thing As A Weight Loss Vitamin?

Okay, there is no ‘magic’ weight loss vitamin. No supplement can miraculously burn fat without making any lifestyle changes, can they? Well, one quick Google search can reveal just how many supplements out there claim to be THE miracle weight loss pill. But how true are these claims? Can vitamins help us to lose weight? And what supplements can boost weight loss? First, let’s consider how our bodies gain and lose weight in the first place.

The Metabolism

What is a metabolism? Why does it affect our weight?

It’s common for people to blame weight gain on their metabolism. You might have heard someone say that they have a good metabolism because they are able to eat pretty much anything without gaining weight. This is down to their metabolism being responsible for distributing the calories they eat. Your metabolism is essentially the rate at which you use food for fuel. It’s the chemical reaction in your body that converts the calories in our food into energy. So when people say they have a fast or good metabolism, they are actually saying their muscles use calories effectively.

Now we return to our original question: what supplements can help weight loss?

Is There A Weight Loss Vitamin?

Can vitamins help to speed up the rate at which our metabolism uses calories?

The metabolism affects the way in which our bodies use calories. So vitamins that affect our metabolism must also affect our weight. A Chinese study studied this hypothesis. They found that participants taking vitamins lost 3lbs more over six months than those taking a placebo. So perhaps there is such thing as a ‘magic weight loss vitamin’…?

Now that we understand that weight loss and metabolisms are linked, let’s look at what vitamins affect our metabolism to boost weight loss.

1. Raspberry Extract & Choline

Raspberry Extract, previously Raspberry Ketones, contains a blend of naturally occurring nutrients, including CLA, otherwise know as conjugated linoleic acid. It is also a source of choline, which can help the body to break down its fat stores to use as an energy source.

2. Chromium

Chromium is used by our bodies in the digestion of food. It contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins by supporting the transportation of energy to the cells.

3. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 has a specific effect on our metabolism. It contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, helping the breakdown of carbohydrate into energy and supports our body in converting fat into energy. All B vitamins help our bodies convert food into fuel. They play an important part in the production and maintenance of our energy levels, which is why you may have heard deficiencies linked to tiredness.

4. Green Tea Extract

Green Tea helps to increase the energy our body uses. This increases the number of calories we burn through energy expenditure. It there affects our metabolism +12% according to Dr Oz.


Taking multiple vitamins every day can be tiresome. Streamlining with a high-quality multivitamin that contains the key metabolism-boosting vitamins (vitamin B12, Chromium, and Green Tea) is a little simpler. myvitamins Thermo Blend is the perfect weight loss multivitamin. It is a unique, thermogenic blend of these vitamins that specifically supports weight loss.


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