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Could your brain health benefit from the purple stuff?

The BBC series `How To Stay Young` has been working hard to uncover the secrets to youthful ageing and may have just found the answer to keeping your brain in shape as you go through the ages on the island of Okinawa in Japan. A local resident Mr Shimpoko isn’t your ordinary 100 year old, often out riding his motorbike & living a more active life than those half his age. What is his secret you ask? Well, it’s the exotic purple sweet potatoes…

Can The Purple Sweet Potato Really Be The Answer To Youthful Ageing?

Well, yes it can, why? Scientist Paul Kroon of the Institute of Food Research has uncovered the active substance within the purple sweet potato called Anthocyanin which is regarded as a major player in brain health. Paul Kroon goes on to state that there is good scientific evidence to suggest that Anthocyanin helps blood flow to the brain and provides a great deal of nutrients and minerals required in cognitive function.

So Where Can You Get More Anthocyanin?

Whilst the purple sweet potato can’t be found in your local supermarket there are a number of fruits and vegetables that can subsidise the purple sweet potato and yes, you guessed it, they’re all purple in colour. So what are they?


(mg per 100g)

Blackcurrants = 592mg

Blueberries = 161mg

Blackberries = 161mg

Aubergine = 86mg

Red Cabbage = 40mg

Purple Sweet Potato = 53mg

This line up of purple fruit and veg all contain considerable levels of Anthocyanin and when added into your daily diet can have a considerable impact on the health of your brain and Paul Kroon of the Institute of Food Research backs up this claim by stating that “whilst there’s more research to do, we know not just 5 fruit & veg a day but including 2 purple ones in your diet because, we’ve established significant evidence that it is consistently good for your brain and health”

Now You Know The Facts – Where Can You Buy?

Adding in 2 more fruit & veg into our ever increasing busy lifestyles can often be a challenge to the best of us, so why not try infusing your hit of Anthocyanin the easy way. Here at myvitamins we have a great selection of drink powders and supplements ready to give you all the berry goodness and Anthocyanin your brain could possible need.

Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

Writer and expert