The Best Black Friday Deals

The Best Black Friday Deals

Why be in the dark, when the bright is so much more fun? Here at myvitamins, we’ve had an explosion of spectacular offers designed to brighten up your Black Friday. Find unbeatable deals on fantastic brands throughout the weekend, starting 5pm Thursday 24th until 9am Tuesday 29th! So, what have we here at myvitamins got in store for you? Drum roll please…


myvitamins Bright Friday Box

The myvitamins Bright Friday Snackbox is the tastiest bargain you’ll bag this Black Friday weekend! It’s packed full of 10 delicious, clean eating snacks, treats and drinks including; Joe&Seph’s Popcorn, Chi Organic Coconut Water, Bioglan Raw Bites, Clearspring Vitamin Water, Beanies Flavour Coffee, Goodyfull Coconut Flour, Dilly & Wolf Roasted Peas, Beans and Seeds, our very own myvitamins Zinc & Magnesium tablets and many more… all for just £9.99!

For Tea Lovers

If fruity tea is your thing, we’ve got the drink for you! Whether you’re looking to up your vitamin intake, give yourself a healthy little immunity boost or simply have a bit of a detox, you’ll be sure to find a tea for that, whats best – our range of tea’s infused with vitamins, herbs and fruit from T+ are now 35% off this Bright Friday!

For Vitamin Lovers

We’ve got a fabulous 55% off Seven Seas, specially formulated vitamins and supplements made with you in mind, from Cod Liver Oil to Folic Acid and everything in between, to keep you looking and feeling your very best this Bright Friday.

For Superfoodies

Feel fitter, healthier and happier this Bright Friday with up to 50% off Bioglan and 15% myvitamins superfoods. We’ve  got a fantastic range with everything from maca and chlorella, to cacao and acai apowder to give you the complete A-Z of nutrients for an extra antioxidant boost!

For Your Weight Loss Goals

Get fit for the festive season with 52% off skinny sprinkles and 15% off myvitamins protein!

For Coffee Lovers

Shake up your coffee game with 35% off our entire Beanies Flavour Coffee range, whether you’re after instant, whole bean or decaf, we’ve got a fantastic range in tonnes of flavours including Cinnamon & Hazelnut, Chocolate Orange, Amaretto, Sticky Toffee, White Chocolate, Pecan Pie, Rum Ba Ba, Irish Cream and many, many more. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve got 35%  beans body scrub designed to naturally exfoliate dry and damaged skin to restore moisture and leave you feeling softer and smoother.

For Vegans

Whether you’re into clean eating, vegan or gluten free we’ve got a range of healthy snacks and treats to suit your every needs with 30% off Snact Fruit Jerky, 35% off Ape Snacks Coconut Curls, 20% off Mightybee Organic Coconut Jerky and 35% off Sibberi water.

 For Coconut Lovers

Coconut not only tastes great, but is also amazing for your hair, skin and energy levels. Use it to bake, roast, and fry up some delicious recipes as a great oil and butter alternative, or simply consume Coconoil capsules and take full advantage of the fabulous health benefits.

For the little ones

We’ve got an amazing 55% off Haliborange; the UK’s No.1 Kids Vitamins Brand, with their own Little Miss and Mr Men, your children will love taking their daily vitamins with our delicious range of softies, liquids and chewy fruit bursts.


Keep your eyes peeled on throughout the weekend until 9am Tuesday for all of our fabulous deals, happy shopping!

Adam Barrett

Adam Barrett

Resident Health and Fitness Expert