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Vitamins for Hair, Skin & Nails

You want to look and feel your best as we all do!  Dry undernourished skin, lank lifeless hair and brittle nails do nothing for our overall attractiveness or self-confidence.

Woman or man, who doesn’t want a full head of shiny hair and soft clear spot-free skin, reflecting optimum health and vitality?

The environment around can be harsh with chemicals and toxins everywhere, even the elements seemingly conspiring against us; cold winds eating into the sensitive skin on our face.  Not to mention our own actions in the name of beauty – if our skin and hair could talk, we might be accused of being somewhat sadistic!  For some of the lengths that we go to in order to increase attractiveness, including the use of straighteners, sunbeds and the slapping on of foundation can prove detrimental.

How do I achieve Beauty From Within?

Instead of trying to improve our appearance superficially through products and methods that prove ultimately damaging, we would be much better advised to provide essential nourishment from within.  There are a whole host of vitamins, minerals and extracts that contribute to the overall health, function and appearance of the human body.  When it comes to improving the health (and with it the look) of hair, skin and nails, the correct vitamin intake can work wonders!  There are, in fact, several major players, each providing a unique contribution, but working well as a team.

Non-food Nourishment

There are a few vitamins celebrated for their part in maintaining nail, hair and skin vitality, including Vitamin E (another antioxidant known to aid healing, prevent scarring and eliminate wrinkles, whilst keeping red blood cells healthy, helping supply oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s surface.)

Aside from the fragility of vitamins found in food products, other factors also determine that diet alone does not normally provide all the essential vitamins in sufficient quantities needed to support optimum health. Most of us don’t have time to prepare and cook meals containing the perfect combination of ingredients selected for their vitamin and mineral content!  And personal taste dictates that we don’t always like what is good for us! So a convenient answer lies in the form of essential vitamin supplements.

Particularly effective when used simultaneously, these supplements can help keep our insides in good working order, as well as keeping split ends, bad complexions and flaky nails at bay.  Our inner organs benefit from proper nutrition so why should our hair, skin, and nails be any different?

Vitamins For Hair


  1. Start With A
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    Start With A

    Vitamin A – so named because it was the first vitamin to be discovered represents a key player.  Required for cell growth and replenishment, and believed to help slow the aging process, it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while its antioxidant properties mean that it plays a vital role in skin health (it is widely used for acne treatment).

    A deficiency in vitamin A can be behind dry hair and dry, itchy skin.  Pure Vitamin A is found in animal products; the richest sources being liver, fish oils, also whole milk and egg yolk.  The pro-vitamin carotene is converted into Vitamin A by the liver and is found in foods of plant origin; mainly orange, dark yellow and dark green fruits and vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, spinach,sweet potatoes and dried apricots.  As Vitamin A is fat-soluble, it does require fats and minerals to be digested (vitamins like C, D, E and zinc promote its absorption).

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  2. Then comes B
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    Then comes B

    Vitamin B complex – so called because B vitamins are always found grouped together in foods includes seven vitamins; B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12. Water-soluble B vitamins nourish cells, helping to overcome brittle nails, improving skin elasticity and encouraging healthy hair growth.  They also help to extract vital nutrients from food.  Deficiency can lead to unsightly hair loss, making this a great vitamin for hair loss.

     Specifically, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – found in abundance in meat, liver, poultry, milk and yogurt – promotes cell growth.  B3 (niacin) is involved in tissue breathing, making it essential for healthy skin.  Rich sources are liver, chicken breast, rice,yeast, fresh green peas and avocado.  B5 (pantothenic acid) – found in foods including meat, liver, yeast, sunflower seeds and peanuts – also helps maintain healthy skin.  As they work simultaneously, you are,however, advised to take B vitamins together.
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  3. And finally C
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    And finally C

    Vitamin C – also known as ascorbic acid is another key contributor to health and beauty.  It supports skin elasticity by helping to build collagen (the main connective tissue in the skin) reducing sagging, smoothing wrinkles.  Believed to help slow the ageing process, it is also an antioxidant, fighting skin damage and protecting cells. Hair loss is a symptom that can ensue as a result of Vitamin C deficiency.

    The richest natural sources are fresh fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits, blackcurrants, kiwi, spinach and red peppers. Vitamin C is water-soluble and not stored within the body, meaning that it ought to be replenished daily.  As with vitamin B, its sensitivity to light, heat and air mean that it is easily destroyed during storage and cooking.

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