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Natural Ways To Improve Concentration

Natural Ways To Improve Concentration

Exam season is here, and you have a whole semester’s worth of work to cram into 2 weeks, meaning a fortnight of library sessions,  all-nighters,  and copious amounts of coffee…

It’s safe to say exam season is definitely the worst ‘season’ known to man, and there are so many distractions out there which can make matters worse. Do you ever find that things you’d normally find completely uninteresting and dull, suddenly become the top of your to-do list at the most crucial times? Like when you’ve left everything to the last minute? Yep, that quiz on which type of pizza topping you are is SO much more important than pythagorizes theorem.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, research by the University of California estimates that we are now bombarded with twice as much information than we were 30 years ago – no wonder you feel like you have the attention span of a gold fish.

Experts are blaming the internet for the lack of concentration in the ‘digital generation’, which is now causing young people to reach to prescription drugs when trying to stay awake whilst studying for exams. But this doesn’t have to be the case, there are many natural ways to increase focus without having to take potentially harmful substances.

So, whether you’re looking to smash your mountain of invoices at work, finish your 10,000-word essay or revise for your upcoming exams, we’ve got you covered with our top tips on how to improve concentration, the natural way.


Prioritise tasks

You can do anything, not everything.

Ever feel like when you try do million and one things at once, you end up doing nothing? Well yes, you can’t do everything – you’re not superman. Instead, write a list, prioritise what the most important are and make sure they’re done first. As you begin to tick things off the list, you’ll feel relieved, less stressed and in a better mindset to focus on the task at hand.

Time it

Fitting your work around your circadian rhythm is a great way to increase productivity. For most of us our peak alertness is 10 am – in fact, madly enough, studies show that our most productive time of the week is 10.01am on a Monday morning! Our deepest sleep occurs at 2am, so always make sure you’re tucked up by then to give your brain a chance to fully recuperate and absorb all that you’ve learnt throughout the day.

Take breaks

In your cycle of unproductivity, you probably feel like you don’t deserve a break, but actually, this could do you a whole world of good. Set a timer and work for 30-minute block sessions separated by 5-10 minute breaks. This will give you something to work towards and you’ll feel a real sense of achievement by being focused the whole time.

Hocus Focus

When bogged down with exam stress, it can sometimes seem like you need a magic spell to snap you into action. Hocus Focus contains a potent formula of energy boosting B vitamins, cocoa extract, black pepper extract and grapeseed extract. Designed to not only boost energy metabolism but also improve mental focus and reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue, Hocus Focus might just be your blessing in disguise this exam season.

Green Tea

Containing not only a healthy dose of polyphenols; the antioxidant compounds which help protect us against many diseases, but also 11mg of caffeine per serving, Green Tea is an ideal supplement to help increase mental alertness and concentration. If you feel like you’re constantly visiting the toilet during revision, our super strength capsules are the perfect solution, give them a try!


This is probably the most obvious of them all, we all know caffeine helps keep you awake, it’s a given. However, when you make a cup of coffee the amount of caffeine in each serving can vary significantly and it’s hard to control how much you’re drinking. A regular coffee can contain anywhere from 100-140mg per cup and instant coffee around 90mg. Our caffeine tablets contain 200mg of caffeine per tablet – about the same as two strong espresso’s; enough to keep you concentrated for up to 6 hours!

Remember, don’t ever use supplements as a replacement for sleep, while they can reduce feelings of fatigue, getting a proper nights sleep (ideally 8 hours) is invaluable. In need of some more nutritional advice? Speak to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Amanda Ashman

Amanda Ashman

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