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The Best Vitamins For Autumn & Winter

As the days shorten and the sun starts to spend more time behind the clouds, it can be easy to forget about taking good care of yourself. Remembering to take the right vitamins every day can help to keep the sunshine alive outside and in. Here are the most essential vitamins for autumn to keep you fighting fit.

The Best Vitamins For Autumn & Winter

With Halloween fun and firework spectaculars, Autumn is a great time of year! But it often brings colds, flus, and sometimes low moods. So are there vitamins for Autumn that can help you to stay healthy?

Essential Vitamin D

When the sun goes in, our best advice is to keep those vitamin D levels up with a high-quality supplement. You need vitamin D to help your body absorb calcium, and because you can’t make vitamin D inside your body, you need to supplement with it.

MyVitamins Vitamin D is wonderfully high quality and very effective at helping to keep your skin, bones and immune system healthy.

Self Defence

Colder weather means more time indoors, less sunshine, more contact with potentially sick people, which ultimately leads to more chance of cold and flu.

MyVitamins Complete Immune contains vitamins C and D, B vitamins, zinc and antioxidants, to help keep you fighting fit as the season’s turn.

Hemp Protein

You’ll need to keep your exercise routine going throughout autumn and winter, and now is the perfect time to introduce a new kind of recovery protein. We’ve just released our own range of plant-based proteins, and hemp is definitely one of our favourites. High in protein and amino acids, and rich in omega fatty acids.

Read all about plant-based proteins in our blog, ‘The Benefits of Plant-Based Proteins

Green Tea Extract

What more can we say about green tea that we haven’t said before? It’s full of antioxidants, and when you put it in supplement form, those benefits are concentrated. MyVitamins Total Green Tea Extract is absolutely packed with free radical fighting antioxidants, to help keep your skin looking fresh and feeling great, and to help keep you fighting fit generally.

Staying Healthy No Matter What The Weather

The weather can affect our health! Colds are more prominent in colder weathers and dehydration and dry skin is more common in warm weather.

ABCs of Good Health

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