About Victoria

At myvitamins we are all about making health and wellness simple. 

Victoria Spence has joined our team to help us do just that. 

At 18, Vic was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. From that point, her life took a turning point. She fought for her recovery, educating herself about what her body needs and when. 

From there, she started to advise others. Now she is the proud co-founder of #GirlGains, encouraging women all over the world to have balance, health, and self-love. That’s why, at myvitamins, we are proud to have Vic as part of our team. Together we are inspiring, educating, and making health and wellness simple.

 Read more about Victoria on the Health Zone.

Victoria Niamh on her supplement regime

Victoria Niamh Q&A session with myvitamins

Victoria Niamh gives some great insight into what she believes is living a healthy life and focusing on inner beauty.

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