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Our pregnancy range has everything you need to take care of you and your baby before and after they arrive in the world. Perfect for expectant mums to help support a healthy pregnancy right through to post-baby recovery. Our experts have put together a complete range, designed for you and your baby from the very beginning.

True Woman Pregnancy is a multi-vitamin formulated to support the dietary needs of women during conception and pregnancy to boost the health of mother and child. This convenient one-a-day multi-vitamin provides your recommend daily allowance (RDAs) of 16 vitamins and minerals, including 200% of your RDA of folic acid, essential during pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects, such as spina bifida. Providing carefully balanced levels of B vitamins, iron and magnesium to maintain normal energy release, blood cell formulation and bone health, True Woman - Pregnancy provides a range of nutrients for overall health before, during and after the entire pregnancy.

Essential Zinc & Magnesium is perfect for those looking to boost their daily requirement, often difficult to achieve through diet alone. Zinc plays a crucial role in the normal function of the immune system, supporting normal fertility and reproduction as well as normal macronutrient metabolism. Magnesium is also involved in a number of processes most notably energy metabolism, muscle function and a reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Seven Seas Pregnancy Vitamin is a complete pregnancy multivitamin containing 21 vitamins and minerals, everything you need to help support you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. Expertly balanced, the multivitamin also contains 400ug of Folic Acid, recommended by the Department of Health in the first trimester of pregnancy whilst your baby’s spine is still developing. 

Seven Seas Pregnancy Plus Vitamins is a complete postnatal supplement to support your body after baby. It combines 21 vitamins and minerals with a high purity Omega-3 DHA/EPA capsule in a convenient dual pack. 

Seven Seas Pregnancy Plus Follow On can also be taken as a general postnatal supplement for breastfeeding following childbirth to support nutritional levels and assist the body following pregnancy even if you are not breast-feeding.

Seven Seas Trying For A Baby is a complete multivitamin designed to support your body whilst you are preparing to conceive. The multivitamin contains 400ug of folic acid, recommended by the Department of Health for those preparing to have a baby or pregnant women in the first 12 weeks.

Mama Mio is a beautiful range of award winning skin care products designed to nourish, sooth, hydrate and protect your skin against the 9 month long stretch and beyond! Our range includes Mama Mia Goodbye Stretch Marks Minimiser, Tummy Rub Oil, Nipple Balm, Glow Balancing Facial Wash and many more fantastic creams and rubs!

  • For all stages during pregnancy & breast feeding
  • 21 vitamins & minerals including Omega-3 with DHA
  • 4 weeks supply dual pack

RRP: £14.99

Save: £4.00
  • For all stages during pregnancy
  • Supports healthy development once you have conceived
  • 4 weeks supply

  • Contains 10mg of zinc & 150mg of magnesium
  • Zinc promotes a healthy immune system
  • Magnesium is important in energy metabolism

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