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Heart & Circulation

Support cardiovascular health and blood circulation with our comprehensive range of supplements.

This section of the site includes our comprehensive list of supplements proven to help heart and circulation in women of all ages. Backed by research and independent European governing bodies, the supplements below are used by women all over the UK to support the cardiovascular system.

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Total Krill Oil



  • Sustainably sourced from the Antarctic
  • Premium form of Omega 3 with high levels of Phospholipids and the natural antioxidant Astaxanthin
  • Helps to promote eye, brain and heart health

Total Cod Liver Oil



  • Premium source of Omega fatty acids
  • Helps to promote eye, brain and heart health
  • Provides 1000mg of fish oils

Omega 3 Super



  • High potency Omega 3
  • Maintains a health heart, joints and circulatory system
  • Unrivalled levels of EPA

Omega 3 Balance



  • Concentrated Omega 3 Fish Oil
  • Balanced to provide optimal levels of EPA and DHA
  • Supports healthy brain, eye and cardiac function

Omega 3



  • Excellent value Omega 3
  • Ideal for general health and wellbeing
  • Provides 1000mg of fish oil
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Total Activated Charcoal



  • Helps eliminate toxins and chemicals
  • Can reduce Intestinal Gas (flatulence)
  • May reduce cholesterol levels