myvitamins Values


Especially selected for the modern women with an active, busy lifestyle, these vitamins will boost your health and provide the vital nutrients you need.

Bones & Joints

Promote good bone health with our complete range of Bone & Joint care.

Detox & Rejuvenate

Slow the signs of ageing with our special Detox & Rejuvenate range made with only the most potent blends of vitamins.

Hair & Beauty

Feel good on the inside and outside with our Hair & Beauty range. Great for hair, skin and nails.

Heart & Circulation

Support cardiovascular health and blood circulation with our comprehensive range of supplements.

Immunity & Well-being

Promote optimal health and wellbeing with our unique blend of vitamins, minerals and herb extracts.

Mind & Body

Support cognitive function and all round health and wellbeing with our Mind & Body range.


Ideal for expectant Mums, this range will support your health and nutrition needs before, during and even after birth.