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Omega 3 Balance

Concentrated Omega with Optimal EPA and DHA

What are Omega 3 Balance?

Omega Balance is our most advanced high strength Omega 3 supplement provides the optimal levels of essential fatty acids to promote overall health and wellbeing. Research suggests that the 3:2 ratio of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), used in Omega Balance, is the most favourable ratio for supporting normal brain, eye and cardiac function.

Why use Omega 3 Balance?

Omega Balance contains a minimum of 360mg EPA and 240mg DHA which have been shown to provide a number of health benefits including the maintenance of a healthy heart, healthy joints and a healthy circulatory system. This high inclusion of EPA and DHA makes Omega Balance one of the highest quality Omega 3 supplements on the market.

Who can benefit?

Our easy to consume softgels make Omega Balance a great choice for those looking to increase their daily Omega 3 intake.


 5 Customer Reviews

  • Concentrated Omega 3 Fish Oil
  • Balanced to provide optimal levels of EPA and DHA
  • Supports healthy brain, eye and cardiac function


  • Customer Reviews - 96% Customer Rating

    Great product, has completely reversed my dry eye condition

    Lani - (18 / Mar / 2015)


    Having suffered from extreme dry eyes since I was a child, I have tried ever eye drop and medicine available and none have ever worked. A year ago my optician said that I was starting to get scaring on the surface of the eye which would start to cause visual impairment. He recommended I start taking Omega 3 supplements that have a relatively high EPA and DHA as recent studies have shown this may be beneficial, obviously I was sceptical as nothing else had ever worked. I looked around and found these so started taking them. The difference in my eyes is exceptional. I no longer get he gritty eyes I have suffered with most of my life, and after my latest opticians visit he has said that there is now no inflammation in my eye and the scaring isn't getting any worse. This product does take several months to show any effect for dry eye, but I was expecting that, but I will now be taking these for the rest of my life. If you have dry eye please give these a try, hopefully you'll be as amazed as me.

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    great product

    rich - (19 / Mar / 2014)


    Great product and super value, simple but great looking packaging. Good quality ingredients that you would expect from a more expensive brand. Would recommend highly.

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    Omega 3 Balance

    paul - (25 / Jun / 2013)


    Omega 3 Balance are very good and easy to swallow.

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    Omega 3 Balance

    Heleng23 - (11 / Sep / 2012)


    Omega 3 Balance seems to be doing the trick, great product for me.

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    Craig Ineson - (23 / Aug / 2012)


    This Omega 3 Balance is a really great product. Easy to swallow, well packaged, quickly delivered, great price and good quality. I will be ordering more of these!

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  • Suggested Use

    • As a food supplement we recommend consuming 1 softgel, one to three times per day.
    • Do not exceed recommended daily dose.
  • Nutritionals & Ingredients

    Each 1 softgel serving provides:

    Total Fish Oils: 1000mg
    EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid): 360mg
    DHA (docosahexaenoic acid): 240mg
    Total Omega 3: 710mg


    Concentrated & Purified Omega 3 Fish Oil, Antioxidant (Vitamin E), Softgel (Gelatin, Glycerol).

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