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Complete Sleep

Complete Sleep is a unique blend of premium ingredients designed to improve the quality of your sleep.

A hectic and modern lifestyle can lay various stresses and strains on the body so it is important that you are able to recover and recuperate through a good nights sleep. During sleep your body releases certain compounds to help the daily recovery process and Complete Sleep has been formulated to encourage this process further by utilising a scientific blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

This easy to use formula is the ideal supplement for anyone looking to get the optimal physiological effects from their sleep.

 13 Customer Reviews

  • Unique formula specifically to help quality of sleep
  • Easy to consume capsules
  • Contains Vitamins & Minerals



Buy one get one free - use code: MOOD

Buy one get one free - use code: MOOD

Stress Awareness Month

Valid until Midnight 30th April or while stocks last.

  • Suggested Use

    • As a food supplement we recommend consuming 1 to 4 capsules around 30-40 minutes before sleep.
    • After 4 weeks of continued use, we recommend taking a 2 week break before starting again.
    • Do not exceed recommended daily dose.
  • Nutritionals & Ingredients

    Each 1 capsule serving provides:

    Complete Sleep Proprietary Blend (L-Glycine, 5-HTP, Inositol, L-Theanine,): 844mg
    Vitamin B6: 3.75mg (268% RDA*)
    Biotin: 19mcg (38% RDA*)
    Zinc: 2.5mg (25% RDA*)

    *Recommended Daily Allowance


    L Glycine, Griffonia Seed Extract, Inositol, Capsule (Gelatin), L Theanine, Zinc Citrate, Vitamin B6, D Biotin.

  • Customer Reviews - 88% Customer Rating

    Complete sleep

    Scottie - (07 / Jan / 2014)


    I have used thes for the last 10 days and apart from one night, I have slept much better than I normally do. I have still woken up on occasions but have managed to get straight back to sleep, and no drowsiness in the morning.


    Rosperak - (06 / Nov / 2013)


    Complete Sleep works most of the time which is good as I don't have to take other unnatural 'drug'.

    Complete Sleep

    richard - (11 / Oct / 2013)


    Had problems getting a good nights sleep in the past couple of months and I looked at other products, but in the end I chose this one as it was a more healthy option. I must say this does work for me, I take two tablets about half an hour before I go to bed and the result is I get a good nights sleep.

    Sleep tablets

    Sheila - (29 / Jul / 2013)


    Complete Sleep is a really good product. Now have a good sleep pattern since I started to take them.

    Complete Sleep

    Lilo - (12 / Jul / 2013)


    Would recommend Complete Sleep for anyone. Never slept better since I began to take it.

    Sleep Improvement

    tammyb - (26 / Jun / 2013)


    Bought the Complete sleep tablets as part of a set. As an extremely poor sleeper, I found by taking two of these about an hour before I go to bed has improved my sleep and decreased by middle of the night waking up pattern. I also feel these are a great natural alternative to sleeping tablets from the doctor as you wake up feeling refreshed without the sleeping tablet drowsy feeling. Would recommend these to anyone.


    Paddy - (25 / Jun / 2013)


    Complete Sleep is a fantastic product. Haven't had such rested nights for years. Will definitely buy again.

    Complete Sleep

    alf - (24 / Jun / 2013)


    Tried the Complete Sleep from myvitamins not too impressed, maybe I was too uptight for them to work. Every now and then need something to take the edge off and help me get to sleep.But these did not do it.

    Simon - (04 / Oct / 2012)


    The best sleep aid tablets I have come across, I wake up feeling refreshed and energised ready for the day ahead.

    Complete Sleep

    Bren - (17 / Sep / 2012)


    Complete Sleep is great, I am now sleeping well.

    Dboi - (14 / Sep / 2012)


    Excellent product, I'd been struggling with having a full nights undisturbed sleep for a good few week so decided to try this product while getting my normal multivitamins. From the first night of taking 1 capsule 20 minutes before bed I have been sleeping through the night without waking up once. As I am now getting a proper sleep at night I feel far more energised during the day. The one night I couldn't be bothered getting back out of bed when I forgot to take the capsule was the one night I woke up 4 times.

    CovLuke - (23 / Aug / 2012)


    As a naturally very poor sleeper who has tried a few of the components of this supplement on their own along with various snake oils to no avail I started using this product as a skeptic, however I do find that this blend really helps the quality of my sleep. I often only sleep 2-3 hours a night but if I supplement this stuff the sleep that I do get is of much better quality and I cope a lot better through the following day. If you find good sleep eludes you this supplement will definitely help you, I'm very impressed and will buy more when I run out.

    Mitch - (22 / Aug / 2012)


    I recently bought these Complete Sleep capsules as I haven't been sleeping well. The first night I took them, I used just one tablet (a serving recommends 1-4 which is slightly confusing) and woke up a few times in the night still. Not overwhelmed by how they are working but I will continue to take as I imagine it works on a cycle and my body hasn't adapted to it yet. I can't complain for the price though.

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