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tplus Drinks, the UK's first range of vitamin enriched wellness teas. All Infused with vitamin blends, herbs and fruit, this exciting range of teas each contain 7 of your daily essential vitamins.

tplus Detox

A purifying blend of Green tea, Dandelion root and Ginger root with natural Apple and Blackcurrant flavourings. All with a top up to your daily vitamin C and B needs. Perfect for when you need your body back to being a temple again!

tplus Boost

Green tea blended with Yerba Mate, Ginseng and B vitamins to give you a sustained, clean energy release. All wrapped around delicious natural Raspberry and Pomegranate flavourings. 

tplus Multivitamin

The all rounder of fruity daily goodness!! Green tea blended with Rosemary, Spearmint, Chicory, Pumpkin and 7 daily essential vitamins. All naturally flavoured with Lemon and Peach.

tplus Immunity

A beautiful blend of Green tea, Ginseng, Spearmint and Chicory, with 21% of your daily vitamin C needs. All this in a delicious natural Orange and Blueberry tea bag.

  • Nutritious and antioxidant green tea blend contains vitamin C
  • Energy and immune system boosting properties
  • Orange and blueberry flavour 

RRP: £3.69

Save: £0.70
  • Cleansing antioxidant green tea
  • Added B & C Vitamins
  • Includes milk thistle, ginger root & dandelion root

RRP: £3.69

Save: £0.20

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