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‘Winter Is Coming!’ How Can We Beat Those Winter Blues

‘Winter Is Coming!’ How Can We Beat Those Winter Blues
It’s dark. It’s cold. And it’s only 5pm. Yes, Winter is coming. Part of us is excited as there are things that we absolutely love about Winter. We love snuggling up by the fire, and we can’t wait to bring out the coats that have been at the back of the wardrobe all year. But then there are also things that we really don’t like. We aren’t fond of the weather; no one enjoys arriving in the office in the dark and leaving in the dark. And we don’t appreciate the impact it has on our bodies either.  It’s not just an excuse, Winter really does make us moody. So, what can we do to beat those Winter blues?



Vitamin D

Did you know that Vitamin D is the only vitamin that is actually a hormone? It acts like any other hormone would in our bodies. It stimulates the release of mood-altering neurotransmitters, like dopamine and serotonin. These biochemicals are known to have an effect on our mood. So, a lack of Vitamin D can make us feel a bit glum, and chances are we aren’t getting enough it at this time of year. Our bodies usually get it from exposure to sunlight, but Winter weather rarely gives us the chance to sunbathe. So, it might be helpful to take a supplement that contains Vitamin D3.


Vitamin C

When we’re struck by a cold or flu, we are probably not at our best. We can become tired, irritable, and, yes, a little bit moody. Some reports suggest that Vitamin D can warn off colds and flu, but it’s Vitamin C that really helps us beat the blues on this front. As an antioxidant, Vitamin C boosts our immune system. It fights free radicals, giving our immune system a fighting chance against invaders. We’ll let you in on its secret ingredient. It’s the ascorbic acid in Vitamin C that really does the trick. The acid actually fights off unfriendly bacteria, attacking the DNA of the bacteria to help us shake those colds and flu. So, upping our Vitamin C intake when colds are rife doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Vitamin B12

Having a healthy immune system is important. Part of keeping it healthy is having energy. Tiredness suppresses our immune systems, meaning we’re more likely to catch Winter bugs. Plus, when we’re tired, we usually don’t feel in the best of moods. One reason we might feel tired in Winter could be a lack of Vitamin B12. This vitamin keeps our red blood cells healthy. The job of these cells is to carry oxygen around our bodies, so unhealthy red blood cells means a lack of oxygen. That’s bad news. Not enough oxygen can make us feel very tired. So, making sure we get enough Vitamin B12 can benefit our energy levels, and thus how we feel. What’s more, Vitamin B12 helps to produce chemicals in our brains that affect mood. So, really, this is one important Vitamin to take in Winter!

With the colder and shorter days coming, Winter does make us moody. But we can beat those Winter blues! So, get ready, stock up, Winter IS coming. Be prepared.

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