Is Tree Water The New Coconut Water?

Is Tree Water The New Coconut Water?

Naturally hydrating and low in sugar (with 4 times less than coconut water) tree water, rising in popularity since 2015, is the latest beverage craze with hippies, celebrities and general well-being gurus everywhere!

So what is it?

Beautifully crisp and ever-so-slightly sweet, water can be tapped from birch, maple and bamboo trees in early spring – producing a thin liquid high in macronutrients, electrolytes and potassium. Enjoyed ice-cold it’s a wonderfully refreshing and healthy beverage.

The Benefits

Seriously thirst-quenching

Birch water is what the birch tree uses to feed itself, so naturally, it’s as efficient a source of hydration as there is. Don’t worry, brands like Sibberi only take enough water to fill their bottles, and the tree isn’t harmed.

The process is very simple. Growers attach a tap to the side of the birch tree, and when the tree is ready to start drawing water up through its roots, some of it is siphoned off for bottling along the way.

May reduce cellulite

There is some evidence to suggest that by removing harmful toxins from the body, birch water may reduce the appearance of cellulite, a condition which causes the skin to appear bumpy and pitted like the skin of an orange.

Great for your skin

Birch water is hydrating and full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which makes it great for your skin.

And that secret ingredient?

Xylitol for healthy teeth

That’s right, the stuff that’s in your toothpaste and chewing gum, that keeps your teeth healthy and cavity-free, is a naturally-occurring component of birch water.

Where can I buy?!

As its health benefits are paraded, tree water is becoming more readily available– why not stock up now with us?

*Dr. Michelle Storfer, nutritionist and founder of The Food Effect

Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

Writer and expert

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