Sweet Virtues: Sublime Superfood Chocolates

Sweet Virtues: Sublime Superfood Chocolates

MyVitamins are excited to introduce Sweet Virtues to our range, we’re more than a little bit in love with these sublime superfood chocolates. They’re perfect as a sweet treat for yourself, or as a gift for someone special.

About the Sweet Virtues range
Where do we begin? If you thought dark chocolate was a good idea (which it is) then wait until you get a load of Sweet Virtues. Sweet Virtues superfood chocolate halos are blended with beautiful teas and fruits, all rich in healthy antioxidants and vitamins. Here’s a sneak peek of the flavours available:

  • Yerba Mate & Lemon
  • Maqui Berry
  • White Tea & Peppermint
  • Himalayan Pink Salt

Revive, replenish, energise and detox, with chocolate. We know, sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. The Sweet Virtues range is made with care and attention, and each chocolate is blended with just the right amount of delicate flavour.

Try the Sweet Virtues spread
It gets even better, friends. Sweet Virtues have made a spread too, made from delicious chocolate, roasted almonds, coconut, chia seeds and ginseng. Spread it on toast, pancakes, fruit slices, or use it to bake with.


  • Roasted almonds contain protein and vitamin E for healthy skin
  • Chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, which can flush out harmful free radicals
  • Chia seeds are one of the world’s richest sources of omega­3 and omega­6
  • Contains ginseng for a wholly natural energy boost, without the crash


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