New Year’s Resolutions For Better Health (and You Don’t Have to Join a Gym)

New Year’s Resolutions For Better Health (and You Don’t Have to Join a Gym)

If your New Years resolution was to improve your health in 2017, whether that be improved heart health, mind and wellbeing or fat loss, the likelihood is you have upped your gym attendance to burn the calories, clear the mind and up the endorphins? But, what if getting healthy didn’t have to mean tripping on a treadmill and there was a whole host of tips and tricks to see you improving all aspects of your health with ease. Well, we’ve pulled together my favourites for you to try! Pick 1 and continue to add another as the year goes on, see it as the gift that keeps on giving!

Get together

Following the indulgence of Christmas, combined with the harsh winter climate, we often find ourselves retreating indoors, isolating ourselves from our friends until the sun comes out to play again. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way… even when money is tight and Blue Monday is looming. Instead of trudging to the gym alone, why don’t you and a couple of friends sign up to a charity run in the summer and challenge each other to follow Couch to 10k? Or likewise, instead of vegging out in front of a movie at the weekend, get out to your local beauty spot and walk in the brisk winter air! Whether with a friend, family or a partner… a walk outdoors has been shown to lower stress levels, so why not make it a regular occurrence?

Fancy upping the anty? Why not set yourself the challenge of trying out a new sport activity like our ambassador Fran Halsall! You will reap all the health benefits of a trip to the gym, plus it’s a really sociable way to get active! Check out our alternatives ways to exercise and Think Outside The Gym.

Challenge accepted

As the old saying goes “ you learn something new everyday” and that should certainly be your mantra in 2017! It’s never too late to start something, maybe it’s something you always wanted to do as a kid, or just something you want to try your hand at. Whether it’s knitting, violin or dance you have never left it too late to start something new! An adult ballet class will be great way to strengthen your body and improve your posture!

Swap and save

How about scoring double duty on your resolution by improving your health and save money for that financial goal as well? Are there any journeys you are completing by car or public transport that you could probably walk, given you allow for an extra 15 minutes? If there is, then you really should! Or if that’s not the case why not look out for cheaper parking spaces a little further away from work or when out and about and walk the difference? The extra steps will add extra movement to your day, and add some flex to your finances! Live a bit further away from work? Look into whether your employer offers a cycle save scheme to help you “get on your bike”, cycling just two days a week will reduce your petrol costs, and could easily be the equivalent of 4 workouts!

The digital detox

Being digital is the new drug. We are a nation of addicts. From smartphones to smart watches to music players… we have all gone digital and it is damaging our health! From eye strain to hearing problems, our reliance on our devices is damaging and we are LONG overdue a detox! Why not dedicate one run a week to being device free…pick a really beautiful running spot, National Trust areas are dotted around the UK and are fabulous for jogs with scenery, take out our headphones and appreciate the surroundings! It’s the perfect time to appreciate your local area and to reflect on the past week and the week ahead … what are you going to achieve this week? It’s within your grasp, go take it!

Whatever your resolution, just remember that in a years time you will thank yourself for starting now – here’s to your best year yet!

Check out our healthy resolutions blog for more healthy New Year ideas!

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