*NEW* Autumn Snackbox!

*NEW* Autumn Snackbox!

Drum-roll please…

Introducing our brand-spanking-new Autumn Snackbox!

Our Summer Snackbox went down like a treat (‘scuse the pun) so we’ve compiled a new lot of delicious healthy snacks for you to try.


What is Snackbox?

If healthy living is your thing, but you can’t resist a yummy afternoon treat, or you simply want to discover new exciting products. We’ve done all the hard work for you, hand selecting the very best quality innovative products from top treats around the globe.

We”ll pop them in a box and package them up real nice and send them off to you via your local lovely postie (‘cos who doesn’t love getting post)?!

Just a one off purchase, no obligation, no hidden nasties. Promise.

What’s in the box?

Fruit Tea (single bag)

Tea Pigs

Perk up your day with a fruit brew by Tea Pigs. Best served in your favourite mug as an afternoon treat!


BeetActive Gel


Mix this BeetActive gel shot into a smoothie, juice, salad dressing or just straight up shot it for a nutritional beetroot boost when you need it.


Super Foods Powder

Your Super Foods

In need of a super food boost? Feel super by adding your Super Foods Powder to smoothies, snacks or salads.


Seaveg Crispies

Clear Spring

Perfect for salads or delicious as a snack on their own, spruce up your snacking with these Seaveg Crispies.


Apple & Mango Fruit Jerky


100% fruit, 100% delicious. Pop a packet of Snact Apple & Mango Fruit Jerky into your bag for a fruity snack on the go.


T+ Boost Rasberry & Pomegranate

In need of a morning boost or an afternoon pick-me-up? Then brew up a mug of delicious T+ Boost Raspberry & Pomegranate to put a spring back in your step.


Indian Spice Kale Crisps


Tummy grumbling? Put some spice into your snacking with these delicious Indian Spice Kale Crisps by Rawlicious.


Coconut & Almond Squeeze Pack

Pip & Nut

Too busy for breakfast? Why not pop a Pip & Nut squeeze pack in your bag for a delicious topping for granola on the go.


Peach Crisps

The Giving Tree

In need of a crunchy treat? These Peach Crisps from The Giving Tree will satisfy your crunchy cravings whilst giving you all the nutrition of fresh peaches.


Coconut & Pineapple Water

Chi London

Added to smoothies, juices or just sipped on its own this Coconut & Pineapple Water from Chi London will keep you feeling revived and hydrated.


Banana Crisps

Emily’s Fruit Crisps

Always hungry on the go? Keep our packet of Emily’s fruit crisps in your bag for whenever you need a little pick me u.!

How can I get my hands on one?

Head over to the Myvitamins shop to buy your Autumn Snackbox today!

Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

Writer and expert