Here’s Why You Should Always Take Your Make Up Off Before Bed

Here’s Why You Should Always Take Your Make Up Off Before Bed

Few of us can say we do it every night, especially after a few drinks.

You might think that falling asleep on the sofa and dragging yourself to bed without taking your make up off every now again won’t do too much harm. In a recent survey, a third of women questioned confessed to sleeping with their slap on at least twice a week.

But what are the repercussions of snoozing with your face on? Here at Myvitamins, we take a closer look.

1. You’ll Most Likely Get Spots

Lets start with the obvious, breakouts are a hell of a lot more likely if you don’t cleanse your skin properly before bed. Not washing your face before bed means that dirt and dead skin cells are not removed. They stay on the skin, clogging pores and casing spots and pimples to form.

And if you already have acne, prepare for it to get worse. Without proper care oily and temperamental skin can worsen dramatically over a very short space of time.

2.  You’ll Get Wrinkles Earlier

“Sleeping in your makeup can increase your exposure to free radicals,” explained Dr. James C. Marotta to Good Housekeeping, “During the day you accumulate a lot of oxidative stress, not giving the skin a chance to breathe can lead to collagen breakdown aging skin faster. This is especially true because the skin repairs itself at night while you sleep, so makeup can clog your pores and not allow the skin to breathe.”

3. You Should Never Sleep In Foundation

Foundation covers the entire surface area of the face and is therefore more damaging to the skin than any other form of make-up when left on overnight. The worst contender is oil-based foundation, which if not correctly removed can result in the breakdown of collagen and cause pores to become clogged.

4. Make Up Wipes Are Out Too

Make up wipes, while convenient, contain high concentrations of solublizers, surfactants and emulsifiers which could dry out or irritate your skin. Those prone to dry skin may find that using wipes worsens the condition of the skin dramatically, especially if the wipes contain alcohol which adds further irritation.

Dragging the skin around the eye area to remove your eye make up causes the already fragile skin to thin further, increasing your chances of developing wrinkles earlier too.

What you should be doing…

  1. Try a natural alternative like Coconut Oil to remove your make up at night. Massage a small  amount into your palms and gently rub it onto your face and rub away gently using a face pad. Follow up by rinsing your face with a unscented, moisturising soap.
  2. Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise. – Follow the three commandments and you can’t go far wrong. Consult with your local beauty counter to find the best products for your skin type.
  3.  Invest in a decent make up remover. Find one that goes well with your skin type and stick to it like glue!


Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

Writer and expert

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