Healthy Fast-Food Alternatives

Healthy Fast-Food Alternatives

The odd fast food cheat meal is certainly a guilty pleasure for all of us, however, most conventional take-aways are loaded with excess salt and hydrogenated fats. While cutting out foods like fried chicken, pizza, burgers, kebab’s is the best option to avoid the excess calories, we understand that going completely cold turkey from your favourite foods can be near enough impossible for some. Making your own fast food alternatives is a quick, easy and healthy so we’ve picked out a few recipes you can try at home, to satisfy your craving for fast food, without all the bad stuff.

Here’s a few reasons to make the swap:

  • Excess salt can lead to heart disease
  • Excess sugar can lead to diabetes, systemic inflammation and damage to organs and vision
  • The empty calories in fast food also contribute to weight gain, with very few useful nutrients for your body to repair and grow.



The average doner kebab is loaded with salt, sugar and preservatives, which will do nothing for your health, and will seriously dehydrate you. Ditch the doner altogether and go for something like these healthy lean in 15  Chicken Kebabs by Joe Wicks instead.

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Fried chicken


Unless you know what’s in the batter, how old the frying oil is, what kind of oil it is, and where the chicken came from, fast food fried chicken is more than a bit of a gamble. This recipe for Healthy Fried Chicken Drumsticks is way better, healthier and tastier.

Photo: EatingWell



The quality of takeaway pizza varies enormously, but it’s so easy to make at home, and it’s fun. We love making pizza using tortilla wraps, they take less than 10 minutes to make and  topping dependent, you could save a massive 600 kcal by making the swap! Want some more pizza inspo? Check out The Guardian’s Top 10 Pizza Recipes, they’ve got some deliciously clean pizza recipes.



Takeaway burgers never live up to the expectation anyway. They’re flat and soggy, and made with all sorts of suspect cuts of meat. Check out these scrumptious, beetroot, quinoa and sweet potato veggie burgers they’re a better, although not one you’d want to attempt after a few drinks.


It doesn’t take long to make any of these awesome fast food alternatives, and we urge you to give them a try. Post a photo of your creation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us (@MyVitaminsUK).

Beet and black bean burgers –

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