Health Food Trends 2017

Health Food Trends 2017

2016 has seen us all spiralizing our vegetables (courgette anyone?), reaping the benefits of bone broth and indulging with Freakshakes as a treat.

So the big question is; what will sweep us off our culinary feet  in 2017? We’ve selected five that we think are going to make it big time in the year to come.

Gold Rush

Turmeric was a huge hit in 2016 so this trend comes as no surprise to us.

Golden Lattes are set to become a drink of choice in the forthcoming year. Made with turmeric, coconut oil, ginger, black pepper and then cinnamon, honey, and unsweetened plant-based milk, they will be delicious and packed full of anti – inflammatory properties.


Be ahead of the curve and make your own at home by stocking up on Wunder Workshop Turmeric Golden Latte

Say it With Flours

With Coeliac Disease affecting 1 in every 100 people here in the UK and a greater awareness to the nutritional benefits within our grains, alternative flours and ancient grains are going to be “baking over” the usual self-raising. Look out for flours such as Teff and Sorghum for a nutritionally boosted wholegrain.

High in Fibre, Low GI and exceptionally versatile Freekeh will be the perfect addition to your baking cupboards! Sorghum which looks like Pearl Cous Cous has around 20g of Protein and 12g fibre per 300g… making it the perfect side dish!

Loco for Coco

Over the past few years we have seen coconut take over the hob, provide an awesome and refreshing drink, and become a miracle cure for almost anything (coconut oil whitens teeth amazingly!) and being crazy for coconut is going to continue in 2017. We will see coconut hit the shelves in the form of flours (coconut wraps anyone?) and a sweetener, with coconut sugar rubbing shoulders with our firm favourites Honey and Agave Nectar.

Image result for Coconut

Try Ape Coconut Curls! A super yummy low carb snack, they are the perfect to nibble on!

Purple Reign

Now it’s been common knowledge for some time to eat a rainbow of foods every day to ensure we are giving our bodies with the nourishment they need… however in 2017 one colour rules them all. Eating Purple is going to be queen in 2017!

Image result for purple beetroot

From Sweet Potatoes and to Asparagus, these foods are nutrient dense and high in antioxidants. Research even suggests that those who eat purple who ate purple fruit and vegetables regularly often had a reduced risk of getting high blood pressure and low cholesterol!

Plant Power

In 2017, plants will continue to grow as a staple source of protein source in our diets. With research continue to highlight the benefits of eating less meat on our personal health and also the environment, eating more vegetarian and vegan options is on the rise. No longer attracting the label of being fussy, going veggie (whether full time or under the guise of a Flexitarian) is going to be on the rise in 2017.


Sustainable, versatile and tasty vegetarian proteins are going to increase in popularity, with more and more establishments dedicating themselves to the cuisine exclusively.

Introduce the power of plants to your own diet with our range of vegan protein shakes such as our Soy Protein Isolate, which boasts a protein content of over 90%. The perfect alternative to traditional whey powder.

Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

Writer and expert

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