An introduction to Baobab

An introduction to Baobab

The baobab tree is quite a sight to behold, with its thick trunk, sticking out in the middle of the African desert. Its fruit, which on the inside looks like a cluster of chalky white pellets, have a tart, citrus flavour and around six times the vitamin C of oranges. That’s right, six times.

African tribes have known about baobab for hundreds of years, although here, we know it as a so-called superfruit. We’re not disputing the fact that it’s super, mind you.

If you need a serious immune system boost, baobab is one supplement you most definitely need in your cupboard. It mixes easily with water, or in juices and smoothies. We love mixing it with green tea sometimes.

The baobab we stock at MyVitamins comes courtesy of Aduna, the baobab experts. They love this superfruit even more than we do, and are keen for us to know that there’s no such thing as a baobab plantation – every tree is family-owned and wild harvested.

MyVitamins on using Baobab

The baobab fruit comes powdered, which is almost its natural state when it’s on the tree. As mentioned, inside of each fruit is a cluster of chalky white pellets. They don’t look like much on their own, but once they’re dried a little more and ground into a fine powder, they’re incredibly versatile. We recommend mixing your baobab powder into smoothies, or with coconut water. You can also mix it into oatmeal, or even bake with it.

What is Baobab good for?

  • Strong immunity
  • Clear and healthy skin
  • Strong teeth and bones
  • Six times the vitamin C of oranges

When and how much should I take?

We recommend 2-4 teaspoons per day.


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