Our Guide To Turning Veggie This Summer

Our Guide To Turning Veggie This Summer

With the rise in popularity of #MeatFreeMonday, turning veggie is bang on trend. Here at Myvitmains, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite recipes and a handy guide to getting all the nutrients you need if you’re considering ditching and switching this summer.

Cheese, please

When you don’t eat meat, what goes astray the most is protein and fat. Protein and fat are incredibly filling, which is why it can feel so unsatisfying, eating nothing but salad and the odd piece of bread. And there are only so many boiled potatoes a person can stand.

If you can find a good grilling cheese such as halloumi, go for it, or take a selection of salad cheeses — goat’s cheese and mozzarella — and go wild.

Spice it up

Salads and dishes with cous cous or lentils can be made more exciting with fresh chillies and herbs such as a basil and coriander. Quesadillas with cheese, refried beans, coriander and avocado are amazing.

The avocado is your BBQ friend

A mushroom burger isn’t so much a burger, as it is just a mushroom. As another hearty and delicious alternative, avocados are loaded with healthy fats, and can help to fill you up and keep you satisfied well into the afternoon. Chuck grilled avo on in a wrap with some BBQ veggies for a delcious alternative.

Combine carbohydrates and good fats

Add in chickpeas for protein, and you’re already way ahead of those carnivores, who clearly do not know what they’re missing. Check out these Chickpea Fajitas and you’ll see what we mean.

Our top 10 vegetarian recipe picks

California quinoa & avocado salad

Sweet potato Tex-Mex salad

Melting-middle aubergine parcels

Barbecued fennel with black olive dressing

Charred aubergine, pepper & bulghar salad

Carrot & sesame burgers

Tikka skewers

Polenta squares with blue cheese

Beetroot and Chilli Burgers

Summer Paella

Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

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