The Worst Food & Drinks For Belly Fat

The Worst Food & Drinks For Belly Fat

One of the most loathed parts of the human body, the stomach, is a common stalwart amongst many people who are looking to lose weight and tone up.

The tummy is a tough area to shift the pounds, mainly because of where it sits – it’s the area with the internal organs that can contribute to quick weight gain, and is also one of the least commonly used (unless you’re doing major sit-ups every day).

There are also a load of unhealthy foods that seem to be designed specifically to contribute to belly bloat. Thanks to major food manufacturers switching out real ingredients for sugar, sweeteners and trans fats and stripping out the real nutrients, us sad consumers have been stuck with choosing these nasty but convenient products in favour of wholesome healthy foods and drinks.

Think you’re starting to see a little bit too much belly fat and want to cut down? You might be eating the wrong foods and drinks. Take a look at these 4 worst foods and drinks for belly bloat and see where you can make a healthy swap.

The 4 Worst Foods & Drinks For Belly Fat 

1. Crisps & chips 

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Okay so these aren’t the only salty and starchy foods that cause belly fat, but they are the worst offenders. Crisps and chips are low in nutrients, are high calorie, and are full of sodium and saturated fat. Too much salt can cause bloating around the middle, and all of the empty calories from saturated fat see you bulge super quickly.

2. Orange juice

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Orange juice is packed full of sugar, albeit natural sugar, but sugar nonetheless. Some fruit juice cartons contain the same amount of sugar as 4 doughnuts or a thick unhealthy frappe, so it’s best to avoid fruit juice if you’re trying to stay trim.

3. Diet drinks 

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Although it might seem counterintuitive, diet drinks such as diet soda aren’t supposed to be sugar-free. Because of this, the sugar isn’t just removed, it’s replaced by sweeteners which can create awful belly bloat and can spark big hunger pangs, which can lead to quick binges of high sugar, high-fat foods.

4. Alcohol 

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You might be enjoying your alcohol, but it’s essentially like sipping liquid fat. Glamorous, right? Because of the composition of most alcoholic drinks, the body processes it differently from other drinks. When alcohol is consumed it’s the first fuel that needs to be burnt off. When this is happening, your body cannot process other fats in your body and the excess fat remains there to stay. Add a greasy takeaway on top of a long night of boozing, you’ll have more belly fat the next morning without even realising it.

5. Biscuits 

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Baked goods are designed with shelf life in mind, so a lot of thickeners, emulsifiers and trans fats are added to keep the biscuits hard and the muffins soft. Because they’re packed with all this bad stuff, there is no space for any real nutritional components like protein, fibre or healthy fats. The good stuff is instead switched out for fat, sugar and additives. The trans fats alone will contribute to belly gain, but the low protein and low fibre will see you eating more in the long run too.

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