What To Eat Before and After Your Workout

What To Eat Before and After Your Workout

Individual nutrition is complex, and everyone’s needs are slightly different, but fundamentally, there’s no need to over­ complicate what we put into our bodies to fuel them before and after each workout. Your body needs good quality, whole food, and where appropriate, supplementation to help you get the best out of your performance in the gym, and to feel at your best.

Here’s our quick guide to what to eat pre­-workout, and what to eat post-­workout.

Let’s start off by saying that you are constantly in a state of either pre­ or post-­workout, so having a solid, healthy diet is important whatever time of day, point in the week or time of year it is. For most of us, the following works pretty well:
● Lots of protein
● Some whole food carbohydrates
● Some healthy fats (stay away from artificial trans fats)
● As little processed sugar as possible

Before your workout
What you eat in the day and few hours before your workout, can affect how you perform, and how you recover. If you’re filling yourself up with cake and biscuits, that’s going to reveal itself in an ugly way when you start to get into the heavy stuff.

What you’re doing when you eat, is fuelling your cells to do what they need to keep you alive and running; muscle cells, cells in your vital organs, and everything that makes up your nervous system — never underestimate the power of a healthy nervous system in exercise.

Complex carbohydrates, with some fiber and protein to help the energy be released slowly, is where it’s at. Try:
● Peanut butter on brown toast
● MyProtein High Protein Porridge
● Sugar­free Greek yoghurt and berries
● Can of tuna, brown bread, fruit salad
● Sweet potato fries

After your workout
What your body wants after a workout, is protein, and a small amount of carbohydrates. Opinions are beginning to vary on the ideal window for getting these nutrients into your body, but generally, the quicker, the better.

If you can find a snack or meal that combines protein, a little fat and some carbohydrates, that’s ideal. Of course, the size of the snack or meal depends on the time of day, but in general, we like:
● Meat (chicken, fish or beef) with brown rice and vegetables
● MyProtein High Protein Porridge
● Peanut butter on brown toast (good before and after)
● Avocado and soft ­boiled eggs on brown toast (winner)
● Any variety of nuts, seeds and dried fruits

For pre-­workout, and for all­-round good health, we recommend this power 5:
Complete Daily Vitamins
Joint Plus — Glucosamine HCL
Omega 3­6­9
Essential Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin D3

For post­workout supplementation, stock up on the peanut butter we’ve mentioned, and check out MyProtein Impact Diet Whey, which is great for building lean muscle, and keeping excess fat off.

Ashley English

Ashley English

Writer and expert

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