6 Vegan Food Hacks You Need To Try

6 Vegan Food Hacks You Need To Try

Going vegan can take some foods and ingredients off the table, including butter and eggs, staples of many a breakfast, lunch and dinner, and really pretty delicious, too. If you’re in need of some vegan food hacks to replace recipe ingredients, or you’re just curious, here are a few of our favourites.

Turn mylk into buttermylk with vinegar


Nut mylks are made with nuts and water, which can make it impossible to achieve the creamy texture you need for pancakes and the like. Adding a tablespoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to your mylk, will turn it into buttermylk in about 10 minutes. Find out how, here.

Avocado butter

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Avocados are loaded with healthy omega fatty acids, and their textures makes them ideal for spreading. Just remember to add a splash of lemon juice to stop your avocado turning brown. Recipe here.

Scramble tofu instead of eggs

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Loads of protein and not an egg in sight. Scrambled tofu is a great alternative to scrambled eggs. Check out this recipe from The Minimalist Baker.

Whipped coconut milk

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A can of coconut milk emptied into a container and chilled overnight, will make a delicious alternative to whipping cream.

Faux froth with xanthan gum

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We’re talking literally a few grains — 1g of xanthan gum per litre of coffee is enough to create a convincing, vegan-friendly foam. Whip it into shape by following these top tips.

Use chickpea water in your meringues

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Chickpea water is full of protein, so don’t throw it away, whip it up and use it to make meringues! Wallflower Kitchen knows how…


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Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

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