Reduce Your Intake | Three Sugar Swaps

Reduce Your Intake | Three Sugar Swaps

In recent years, sugar has been in the news a lot and not for the right reasons.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended in 2015 that adults and children shouldn’t get more than 5% of our daily dietary energy from the sweet stuff. In reality, 2/3 of us typically consume between 12 and 15% of our energy from sugar every day. The biggest culprit? Fizzy drinks and ‘hidden’ sugars in everyday food favorites like ketchup.

If you’re looking to reduce your sugar intake but aren’t sure where to start then you’re in the right place, as today we’re looking at three simple sugar swaps you can make to decrease the amount of sugar in your diet.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Often, we reach for sugary snacks and drinks when we’re feeling an energy lull. Combat this feeling by starting your day in the right way; with a good hearty breakfast! Having a breakfast full of slow releasing carbohydrates and fats will help to keep your energy levels sustained throughout the day and could stop you from reaching for your favourite sugary snacks. Read on for three swaps you can make for three of the biggest sugar offenders.

Swap Out Sugary Cereals

The average bowl of children’s breakfast cereal can contain as much as three teaspoons of sugar – the equivalent of two and a half chocolate biscuits. Why not swap your usual bowl of cereal for a bowl of oats? If you need a bit of sweetness, you could slice up a banana on the top.

Hydrate Another Way

We all know that the best thing to drink is good old H20, but sometimes we feel the need for something with a little flavour and find ourselves reaching for a can of the fizzy stuff. The sugar content in a 330ml can of coke is 39g, equal amount to nearly 6 Oreos! For a healthier alternative, why not have some coconut water or this year’s must-have drink; tree water.

Swap Milk for Dark Chocolate

If you’re a huge fan of chocolate, it can seem like there’s nothing else that would compare. Why not try switching your dairy-chocolate for a dark chocolate fix? You will find you will be consuming less sugar due to not needing to eat as much dark chocolate to satisfy the craving. Plus, dark chocolate is a powerful source of Antioxidants. Win, win!


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