Superfoods Spotlight: Cherries, Cacao and Spinach

Superfoods Spotlight: Cherries, Cacao and Spinach

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be spending your evening with Kate Quilton watching Superfoods: The Real Story on Channel 4. This week, Kate is testing the muscle-healing properties of cherries, whether dark chocolate is good for your heart health and whether spinach can really help your muscles grow ala Popeye. Whilst we can’t wait to see what experiments Kate conducts and what her findings are, we wanted to take a closer look at these three superfoods ourselves to see what properties they have, what nutrients they include and what makes them a superfood.


Spinach is an incredibly versatile and nutritious food. Whether you enjoy this superfood in salads, stir fries or whizzed up into a green smoothie you’ll be enjoying a host of health benefits. Not only is spinach a great source of iron but it also contains vitamin K which helps aid cardiovascular and bone health as well as containing a host of antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, lutein and zeaxanthin which all contribute to eye and overall health.


When making the changes to become your healthiest self, most often people feel the need to remove things like chocolate from their diet but that needn’t be the case. Whilst the extra sugars and milk that’s put in to your favourite chocolate bar from the service station shelf may not be the best choice, cacao in its purest form actually has a wealth of health benefits. Cacao comes directly from the cacao pods, which makes it the most natural form of chocolate available and the mix of flavonoids, minerals and vitamins within this superfood ensures it can help support healthy heart functioning.


Not only are cherries absolutely delicious but they’re packed full of nutrients including fibre, protein and vitamins A and C. The mix of nutrients in cherries give them an impressive list of benefits including being anti-inflammatory, helping to improve insomnia and helping relieve the symptoms of gout. The anti-inflammatory properties make them the ideal snack for runners or for after a heavy gym session as they can reduce muscle soreness to help stop DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness).

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