The Truth About Probiotics And Weight Loss

The Truth About Probiotics And Weight Loss

I doubt that I’m the only one here who has started a weight loss regime with Google. Yes, like many others, I turned to the internet. From ‘miracle pills’ to exercise regimes Google, it seemed, had all the answers. But something that wasn’t among the millions of results was my gut. It didn’t occur to me or to Google that my weight loss journey should really start in my gut. But apparently, it should.

Last summer, a paper European Journal of Clinical Nutrition reviewed studies on probiotics and weight loss. The studies under review showed that consuming probiotics help to reduce body fat among participants.


formula to calculate the effects of probiotics and weight lossThe published formula used to calculate the effects of probiotics and weight loss.


The studies showed that BMI index and abdominal fat decreased in participants who took probiotics over those who didn’t.

Now if you’re on a weight loss journey like me, you’re probably thinking WOW! But before we get too excited, let’s unpick the science behind these findings to see if probiotics can aid weight loss.

The Science Of Probiotics And Weight Loss

Probiotics increase the good bacteria in our gut. They help digestion by affecting the nerves that control the movements of your gut. Recently, researchers discovered that these probiotic bacteria are not just present in our gut. According to one Standford researchers, Erica Sonnenburg, “these bacteria in our gut are wired into our immune system, our metabolism, and even our brain”. They are far more complex than first thought. But how can they help to support our weight loss efforts?
When probiotics reach the gut, they encourage the release of two things: the hormone GLP-1 and the protein ANGPLT4. These are what gives probiotics its weight loss properties. The GLP-1 hormone increases satiety and reduces appetite. The protein ANGPLT4 helps to inhibit the absorption and storage of fat in the body. Together, they help to reduce weight gain and promote fat loss. Taking a probiotic, therefore, may help to reduce overall body weight. Probiotic treatment is already making headways in the world of obesity management.


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In the clinical studies, researchers used a type of Lactobacillus in their probiotic supplement. It can be found in dairy products, yoghurts, and other fermented foods. It is also found in myvitamins Go With Your Gut.

Go With Your Gut is the perfect way to regularly increase your consumption of healthy probiotics. Taken before or after food, it gives you more control over your probiotic intake. With no calorie content, it won’t affect your weight loss plans either!

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