How To Lose Weight Naturally: Protein And Weight Loss

How To Lose Weight Naturally: Protein And Weight Loss

Crash diets, dash diets, and everything in between. There is a lot of information on the internet these days about ‘how to lose weight’. But actually, much of the information out there is questionable. Can the 5:2 diet really help you to lose weight healthily? And should you really lose weight by crash dieting?

How To Lose Weight

There is no trick or quick-fix to it. Ultimately, weight loss comes down to one thing: burn more calories than you consume. Our bodies use calories for energy. This energy is used by the body and excess is essentially stored as fat. Therefore, by consuming more calories than you actually need, you gain weight. The reverse is also true. A calorie deficit, where we burn more calories than we eat, leads to weight loss. This deficit can be achieved in two ways: by exercising to burn excess calories; and by consuming fewer calories to begin with.

Reducing your calorie consumption means being mindful of what we eat. For example, switching out your milk to soy or almond reduces calorie consumption without having less of it. Eating less can also help to create a calorie deficit. But eating less can also mean that our bodies don’t get enough nutrients and we can feel hungry quickly. So it’s important to be mindful of what we eat so that we reduce calorie consumption without being harmful to our bodies by denying it nutrients, or being damaging our sanity by leaving us hungry!


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Protein And Weight Loss

A diet high in protein is a good way to reduce calorie consumption while maximising satiety and metabolism. It affects the hormones in our brain, which signal feelings of fullness and hunger. This helps us stay full for longer and reduces cravings. It also boosts the metabolism to help burn fat and maintain muscle mass. Often, weight loss leads to a reduction in both fat stores and muscle mass. This means that the more weight we lose, the fewer calories we burn as we have fewer muscles to use the energy. A high protein diet prevents the loss of so much muscle mass and therefore safeguards the rate at which we burn calories. And your body actually burns calories by digesting protein. So a high protein diet can reduce calorie consumption by 80-100 a day!

With those impressive stats, let’s take a look at proteins that are designed to support weight loss.

  1. Diet Whey Protein
    This type of protein that is useful in building lean muscle and boosting fat burn. It can be flavoured and what’s more, it’s low carb and low fat. Used before a meal or as a snack it can increase feelings of fullness and stop us from overindulging. As a meal replacement, it is nutritious, convenient, and filling and can be added to smoothies, porridge, or just used as a shake.

  • Hemp Protein
    This plant-based protein is the perfect source of protein for vegans. It is also lactose and gluten free! Full of fibre and rich in Omega 3, Hemp Protein helps you to feel fuller for longer. It also helps to regulate blood glucose, which helps reduce sugar cravings. It can be used in smoothies and shakes or in pancakes, cakes, and bakes!

  • Pea Protein
    Another vegan-friendly blend, this protein is high in protein and low in carbs. This helps to stabilise blood glucose, which helps to keep cravings at bay. Unlike soy-based vegan proteins, Pea Protein is rich in BCAAs that encourage the building of lean muscle. It mixes easily with water making it perfect for protein shakes.

  • Brown Rice Protein
    Allergen-free, this protein is vegan-freindly and lactose-free. With a low carb content, it reduces the storing of fat due to blood sugar spikes. It also contains peptides that are not found in other proteins, which boost weight loss further. 
  • It’s important to remember that there isn’t just one protein powder that is best for weight loss. But its carbohydrates and fat content is important as this will affect calorie and nutrient consumption. So Diet Whey Protein made the top of our list because of its low fat and low carb content.

    Excess Calories Are Still Excess Calories

    A high protein diet may be thermogenic and help to burn fat, but calories from proteins are still calories. So they should still be accounted for when creating a calorie deficit. Protein consumption should be, therefore, instead of another food not in addition to. For example, having a protein shake instead of a snack will help to fill you up. Having a protein shake in addition to a snack will increase your calorie consumption. This is important to remember in creating the calorie deficit needed for weight loss.

    For more tips and tricks on how to lose weight, visit our other blogs.


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