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The Benefits Of Garlic Without The Smell

The Benefits Of Garlic Without The Smell

The Queen doesn’t like Garlic. Apparently, in the royal palace, Garlic is forbidden. Yes, you read that right, the Queen’s chefs do not use Garlic. To me, this is absurd. I LOVE garlic. It smells amazing, it tastes great, and when you cook it and it adds a rich flavour to your food. In fact, I love it so much that I could snack on raw cloves every day! But I don’t think the other guys in the office would thank me for that. Garlic can be rather pungent. It’s a smell that can linger on longer than we appreciate. Perhaps that is why the Queen doesn’t eat it. If I was greeting international heads of state, I don’t think I would want to smell of Garlic either. But actually, garlic is really good for our health. It might be smelly, but it has many benefits.

The Benefits Of Garlic

The active ingredient in Garlic is Allicin. This powerful compound is actually designed to keep pests away from Garlic as it grows, but it can have great benefits on our health. As an antibiotic, it can help to fight off colds and flu. As an antioxidant, it can lower cholestrol and flush out toxins. And it can also help to prevent ageing by slowing the depletion of collagen in our skin. But we have to eat it raw. Cooking Garlic destroys the allicin it contains, taking away most of its goodness. So how can we get the benefits of Garlic without the smelly breath?

Garlic Extract

We can chew peppermint, brush our teeth afterwards, but that Garlic smell will still linger. There’s really only one way to consume a daily dose of Garlic without the smell…

 A Garlic supplement provides all the benefits of consuming Garlic, without the pungent side effects!

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