Christmas Dinner Health Hacks

Christmas Dinner Health Hacks

Hooray! The festive feasting is upon us, we’ve waited patiently all year for this day – we all deserve a Christmas blow-out. That noted, experts say that the average person consumes over 7,000 calories on Christmas day alone! Don’t fear, there are a few simple swaps and tricks you can make to make your day a little healthier while keeping it equally tasty. Here’s what you can do to help beat the bulge…



Turkey is one of the most healthiest meats around, it’s low in fat and a good source of protein and vitamin B. However, conventional turkey recipes involve basting with 150g of butter, adding unnecessary calories and saturated fat. Prick the skin of the turkey before cooking to allow the fat to drain, ditch the skin too and you’ll save yourself 40kcals.


chestnut stuffing

Stuffing can be the main culprit to the extra calorie content over the festive period. Swapping your sausage meat stuffing for a vegetarian, chestnut based stuffing will save you 90kcal – chestnuts are low in fat and are a great source of potassium. Here’s a fantastic chestnut, leek and apple stuffing recipe you’ll love!



brussel sprouts

Load up on veg, the high fibre content will help keep the digestive system healthy and leave you feeling happily satisfied. Brussel sprouts are a great source of folate and vitamin C, needed for energy release to keep you going up until the queens speech. Roast your spuds, sprouts, parsnips, carrots and whatever tickles your fancy in coconut oil, with a dash of garlic for a healthier alternative to butter or oil, without compromising on taste.


vegan gravy

Gravy made from gravy granules tends to be high in salt, which can increase blood pressure. Homemade gravy not only tastes better but is also healthier, we love Jamie Oliver’s vegan gravy which is made with an interesting ingredient…marmite. Marmite is high in B vitamins and folic acid which increase energy metabolism, liver function and help keep the immune system fighting.

Stuck on dessert? We’ve got tonnes more healthy, clean eating recipes in our #NiceNotNaughty e-book, download for free here. 

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Charlotte Cliffe

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