The Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

The Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

Detox, purify and cleanse the body with activated charcoal

From helping to whiten teeth and cleanse skin, to detoxing the body and reducing flatulence, Activated Charcoal has an array of fantastic uses within the body. Being a natural form of carbon, activated charcoal has been used for years as a natural remedy for cleansing the body of toxins. Nowadays, it is used in hospitals as a universal antidote for alcohol and drug poisoning. In fact, it is so effective that it is now listed in the top medicines for poisoning by the World Health Organisation.

So let’s find out a bit more about what activated charcoal actually is and how you could benefit from taking it…

What is Activated Charcoal?

As bizarre as it sounds, activated charcoal is actually a by-product of burnt wood, peat or coconut shells, treated with oxygen.  The resultant product is a tasteless, odourless powder which has many fantastic uses within the body.

How does it work?

Unlike most detoxifying agents, activated charcoal doesn’t get to work by absorbing toxins; it actually works by ADSORBING them. Essentially, this means that activated charcoal attracts toxins, causing them to bind it its surface a bit like a magnet. The strong negative charge can attract up to 1,000 times its weight in positively charged ions and gases.

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The Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

It Detoxes


Being a potent detoxifying agent, activated charcoal not only purifies toxins in the body by its strong magnetic attraction, it also binds to mould within the body, flushing it out. Activated charcoal has been found to be an effective treatment for those who have been exposed to a damp, or even a mouldy environment.

It Helps Reduce Gas


Gas and wind can be a pretty unpleasant and embarrassing issue, albeit common to many nonetheless. Being easy on the stomach and gut, Activated Charcoal helps treat flatulence following food consumption by the adsorption of gas. If you’re someone who suffers from bad wind, or you know someone that does, we’d recommend taking activated charcoal 30 mins before a meal and shortly after to ease your symptoms.

It Helps Prevent A Hangover


Interestingly, activated charcoal is actually used in emergency rooms as a safe and effective treatment for alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses. Taken in smaller doses, activated charcoal can help reduce the effects of a hangover.

Note: It should not be taken at the same time as other medications as it stops them from being absorbed.


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