5 Supplements to Boost Your Post-Workout Recovery

5 Supplements to Boost Your Post-Workout Recovery

What you do in the gym is just half of the story. Running, circuits, spinning, yoga, CrossFit, whatever you’re into, if you want to get better at it – and not feel constantly sore – then you need to supplement appropriately.

The post-workout supplements you choose make a huge difference to your performance. Picking the right ones can help you to build stronger, leaner muscles, and to recover faster. It’s not just professional athletes who can benefit from supplements, if you’re serious about being the best you can be, then give your body what it needs.

Here’s the myvitamins top 5 list of supplements to help boost your post-workout recovery (and performance later on.)

  1. BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids)

    The first supplement on our list can technically be called an ‘all-day’ supplement. BCAAs are what proteins are made of. They form the basis of your muscles, and whether you’ve supplemented with them before or not, if you’re looking to get leaner and stronger, you need them.

    BCAAs are different to whey protein, in that they’re not made from dairy, and they go directly to the muscles from your bloodstream.

    You can also thank BCAAs for helping you to recover faster. They’ll help to protect against muscle breakdown, which means shorter recovery times and potentially less soreness.

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  2. Impact Whey Protein

    You might have heard about whey protein, or even tried it before, and how it works is pretty simple. When you exercise, muscles get broken down. Building them up again takes time, and protein.

    If you’re exercising regularly, supplementing with whey protein can help you to build strong, lean muscles faster. You’ll no doubt get some protein from your diet, but in order to see the progress you want, it helps to have a pure, effective source of protein on hand. Each serving of Impact Whey Protein contains 35g of protein and 212 calories.

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  3. Omega-3 Oil

    The omega-3 fatty acids are found in foods like fish and meat, and in supplement form, their effects are concentrated. They’re essential to the generally good functioning of your brain and cardiovascular system, and, crucially for you and your exercise, to healthy joints.

    Keeping your joints supple and loose helps to prevent pain during exercise, which is important whatever your sport. Keeping them healthy is easy, too, all it takes is 1-3 capsules per day. One less thing to worry about, we’d say.

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  4. Creatine Monohydrate

    Here’s one you might not have heard of before, but that we think is amazing. Creatine supplements are some of the most extensively-studied in the world, and their effects are well-documented. Creatine is used to increase explosive strength and power.

    Why does that matter? If you’re a CrossFitter, swimmer, sprinter or field sports player, being able to move quickly and with force is really important. Creatine helps you to do that. It’s found in tiny amounts in foods like red meat, but to really see its effects, you need to supplement with it.

    It’s completely safe to take every day, and you can mix it with your protein shake.

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  5. Vitamin D3

    The sunshine vitamin is one that nobody can do without. Unfortunately, if you live somewhere where the Sun is an infrequent visitor, or if you spend a lot of time indoors, you might be lacking in vitamin D3.

    Supplementing with vitamin D3 is important for many reasons, including the absorption of calcium. That’s important to know, since you might have enough calcium in your diet, but in order for it to do its job protecting your teeth and bones from damage, you need vitamin D3.

    We recommend taking vitamin D3 in the morning with breakfast, to take full advantage of all of the nutrients available to you.

    Those are our top 5 post-workout supplements. We hope that they’ll give you what you need to find your way to being the fittest and strongest you’ve ever been.

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Chris Rogerson

Chris Rogerson

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