MyVitamins Picks: Yoga For Relieving Everyday and Workout Pain

MyVitamins Picks: Yoga For Relieving Everyday and Workout Pain

When the stress and tension builds up from days and weeks of exercise and tough days at work, we need something to release the tension. We love yoga, and we’ve picked our favourite videos here, to help fix what ails you, whether you’re a bound up CrossFitter, a tight-hipped runner, or a busy bee with a sore neck. Enjoy.

Yoga for runners

Lots of running can lead to tight hips and a tired lower back. This sequence is great for opening everything back up, and it’s gentle enough to do daily.



Tip: If you don’t have the time to do the full flow, try a couch stretch on either hip for three minutes per side. Put a cushion under your knee, and press your toes into the wall. With your opposite leg out a 90 degrees, lift up, using a chair for support if needed, until you feel a stretch along your front hip and quad.

Yoga for workout recovery

If you’re generally tight and sore from regular exercise, what you need is a full-body flow to open everything up. We love the whole YogaTX flexibility series, and a great place to start is with flow number one.


Yoga for tight shoulders and neck

This modern world is not kind to our necks and shoulders. It’s ok to leave your desk for a while and take care of your body. We insist. Try this great release a few times a week and notice the difference.



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Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

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