Workout With Your Baby

Workout With Your Baby

Trying to get time to do anything with a baby is a challenge.

Showering alone. Getting dressed. Eating a whole slice of toast to yourself.

Fitting in exercise was hard enough without having to cart a pram, 3 changes of clothes, a family of stuffed animals and 4 juice cartons with you whenever you want to go out for a walk. That’s if you have the energy after 3 hours sleep.

Trouble is, after baby (and sufficient time to recover) exercise can be a really important way to get you feeling back to, well, you. Not just for weight loss, but for mindfulness and relaxation.

Here at Myvitamins, we’ve picked our favourite simple ways you can incorporate exercise in and around your little one.

Yogi Bear 

We’ve all seen the Instagram craze started by Hilaria Baldwin of performing crazy yoga poses around the house with baby.


Whilst we might not be as bendy as Hilaria (who is?!) there are moves you can incorporate into your everyday life that will help you relax and contribute towards weight loss.

Downward Dog Kisses


With baby laying on their play mat underneath you, assume the Downward Dog shape by bending forwards, legs straight. Tuck in your core, inhale and press your palms down into the floor as your elbows flex to give your little yogi a kiss.

As you exhale and return back to standing use the contraction of your core and pelvic floor to pull you back to starting point. Give up to ten kisses, before the giggles become too much and you have to swoop in for a cuddle.


Walk This Way

Know the trick to put baby to sleep by driving around in the car until they doze off? Well, walking has he same effect. Bundle up baby into the pram for a post bath time stroll that will energise you and send little one off to the land of nod.

Aim for 10,000 steps a day and track by downloading a pedometer to your phone.

Want to test yourself further? Try walking uphill pushing the pram in front of you at a gradient for increased resistance and a harder workout.


Park Push Ups

Kids busy on the playground? Join in by using your environment to ‘play’ too. Do tricep dips from the seat of a bench, incline push ups with pram parked nearby, step ups on a tree stump or monkey bar pull ups.




Just 20 minutes of toning exercise a day can contribute towards weight loss and you will soon see a difference. Plus, you can keep your eyes on the kids whilst sneaking in a workout, what could be better?

Dance around

There is nothing better in life than dancing with the people you love in your kitchen after dinner. Move the coffee table out of the way, pop on your ipod and grab your other half, the kids (or even the dog) for a boogie.

Doesn’t sound like too much of a workout? Aerobic dance can burn upwards of 443 calories per hour, so get twerk!

To keep you and your little one happy and healthy, try our new ranges from Haliborange and Seven Seas, perfect for you and your family.

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