Think Outside The Gym | Rowing

Think Outside The Gym | Rowing

What is it?

Rowing is exceptionally popular in the UK, currently there are over 30,000 British Rowing members, so the scale of the sport in enormous. Rowing is high intensity, demanding high degrees of endurance, strength and teamwork. As well as the workout, people who row currently say they love it because of the teamwork involved and the environment they get their exercise in.

Never rowed before? That’s ok, rowing is a sport suitable for people of all ages and abilities. It is fully accessible with British Rowing’s Rowability scheme too. Whether you have rowed in the past (university maybe?) or you are complete beginner, clubs offer flexible ways to take part from social rowing to competing.

Why Rowing?

  • It’s a high intensity (but low impact) cardio workout and strength training combined.
  • It’s social! The sport is driven by teamwork.
  • It’s a full accessible sport
  • Improves lung and heart health
  • It’s a full body workout!
  • Builds up fitness and stamina
  • Your training environments can be in the most beautiful locations


  • All your equipment will provided as a beginner. Just wear comfy warm clothes!

How much does it cost?

There are so many clubs offering free taster sessions, and then if you get the bug and wish to learn to row, courses cost around £90.

Already know how to row and just want to get back into the sport? British Rowing membership costs from £17 a month.

Get involved

Click here to find your local rowing club

What supplements will I need?

Read our blog on the best Supplements for rowing here.

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