The Benefits Of Mindfulness

The Benefits Of Mindfulness

‘Mindfulness’ – the new buzzword for health fanatics and those concerned for their general wellbeing. Celebrities including Oprah have been firm advocates of this soulful meditative practice since its steady rise in popularity since 2014.

So what’s all the buzz about?

Taking its roots in Buddhist practice, the purpose of mindfulness is to address the stresses and difficulties of life, and to help us better relate to others. Mindfulness explores how we can not only be kinder to ourselves, but compassionate to others too.

In case all of this is feeling a bit unattainable – we’ve drawn up 4 simple ways to fit mindfulness into your daily life!

Wakey wakey!

Ok, so between eating breakfast and trying to find underwear that won’t show under your new white top – mornings can be a little, well…hectic. Stop for a second and put the ‘me’ back in ‘time.’ Wake up a little earlier, don’t check your emails or phone unless absolutely unavoidable and don’t turn on the TV.

Sit down, breathe and clear your head while enjoying a healthy, nourishing breakfast.

Shower Happy

As much as your fellow house-dwellers likely appreciate yet ANOTHER rendition of Frozen’s iconic ‘Let It Go’ – keep schtum and simply appreciate the sound and feel of the water. Open your senses and allow yourself to relax and you’ll be surprised how much clearer your head feels for the day.

Commute to Happiness

Possibly one of the hardest times to be mindful – is when crammed onto an 8am Northern Line squashed under a colleague’s armpit (especially if they’ve been stingy with the deodorant that morning.) But in these moments, instead of getting angry and frustrated at minor delays, listen to the sound of your breathing, observe your emotions but don’t judge them or let them overwhelm you.

Food for the Soul

Preparing your evening meal can be one of the most relaxing and reflective (or stressful and smoke-filled!) times of the day. Don’t fall into the latter camp – be mindful while choosing your ingredients, not only about what exactly you’re putting into your body, but choose to appreciate the inevitable chopping and stirring as therapeutic movements in which to de-stress.

Create a rainbow of soulful health food and cook with a partner and share a funny experience that happened to you that day.

Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

Writer and expert

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