Introducing | Think Outside The Gym

Introducing | Think Outside The Gym


It’s dull, grey and we’ve all piled on the festive pounds. The gym fees have gone up and your local is ram-packed with sweaty resolutioners spending more time queuing for the treadmill than running on it.

Well not this year.

Think Outside The Gym


Getting fit doesn’t have to be boring, or expensive, or anti-social.

This year, we want you to Think Outside The Gym, fall in love with a sport you’ve never tried before, meet new people and boost your fitness for good.

Each week, we’ll point the spotlight at an ‘alternative’ activity for you to get involved in, sending our myvitamins ambassador, Olympic swimmer Fran Halsall to try her hand (and sometimes foot) at something new.

Think footy is just for the lads?

Rugby isn’t really for girls?

Rowing is something they only do at Oxbridge?

Dance is just for 4 year-olds in tutus?

We’re here to prove those theories wrong, to help celebrate the under-rated, unsung heroes of sport.

Why should I Think Outside The Gym?

According to statistics by Sport England, 75 per cent of women say they want to be more active, but have a fear of being judged on their appearance, ability or fitness level. 1 in 10 men reported they have experienced ‘Gymtimidation’ – fear of working out in a gym and being judged by others.

Think Outside The Gym is a campaign based around breaking down those barriers, so you can concentrate on working out which workout fits you, whilst making new mates and learning something new.

Whilst lifting weights might not be your thing, you could find you are a natural at Street Dance and meet a group of like-minded people who couldn’t care less how red your face gets or how much you jiggle.

We’ll be teaming up with the UK’s top sports teams, coaches and instructors to guide you through each activity. Plus we’ll be revealing competitions, giveaways and our guide to the supplements you need to keep you feeling your very best in 2017.

This week… Rugby



Let us know how you Think Outside The Gym using the hashtag #TOTG on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @myvitaminsUK

Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

Writer and expert

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