How To Have Fun & Exercise Without Realising It

Exercise without realising you are exercising sounds impossible, right? Exercise can be hard: it can leave us a sweaty, out of breath mess. So how can we do it without realising it? How can we make it enjoyable enough that we don’t even notice we’re doing it?

It’s not news to us that exercise is good for us. We know we should, but still 80% of us don’t exercise. Probably because ‘it’s too hard’, or we ‘don’t enjoy it’, or we ‘don’t have time’. But really, if we have those excuses, then we aren’t doing the right kind of exercise.

The Truth About Exercise

For some, going to the gym is enjoyable and it can become an important part of our routine. But for others running on a treadmill or weight lifting is rather laborious. So here is the truth.

If you don’t like lifting weights, don’t do it. If you don’t like spin class, then don’t go.

I will openly admit that I rarely set foot in a gym and I’ve never run more than 5K. But by all accounts, I still hit all of my daily exercise goals. That’s because my form of exercise doesn’t involve a gym or running shoes. Instead, it involves four fairly long legs, a long face, and a lot of hair.

horses standing in a field to show that you can exercise without realising

Now horse riding and isn’t for everyone either, but my point still stands. You can exercise without realising it by having fun at the same time. It can be fun when you make it fun! Caring and riding for my horses is as good for my body as spending hours a week in the gym. I  promise that wading through fields, over very uneven ground on a cold morning elevates your heart rate very quickly. And I can tell you that grooming, mucking-out, and lifting of heavy bags of feed and tack gives your arms a pretty good workout too. For me all that is enough. I enjoy it and it is a form of exercise that keeps my body and mind active.

Dog walking, dancing, cycling, cleaning the car… all of these activities can elevate your heart rate and can be a little more enjoyable than running a treadmill.

Exercise Without Realising It

So exercise can be as fun and enjoyable as you make it. It is all about doing anything you enjoy that elevates your heart rate and pushes your body outside of its comfort zone.

Dancing can be done alone or with friends in classes, clubs, and even your own house. You might be surprised at how quickly it elevates your heart rate.


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Exercise As Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle

So, yes, there are exercises that you can enjoy and not even realise you’re doing! It can be an important part of having a healthy lifestyle.

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