App-solutely Fabulous Apps For Health and Fitness!

App-solutely Fabulous Apps For Health and Fitness!

MyFitnessPalMyfitnesspal (Free)
Myfitnesspal is a fantastic free health app. The extensive library of foods and ability to quickly and easily log everything you eat by importing your favourite recipes from the web or scanning barcodes, allows you to keep track of your calorie intake and keep on top of your goals. The app also has a detailed overview of the nutritional value of your meals, allowing you to identify deficiencies and make changes to improve your diet.

7 minute workout7 Minute Workout “Seven” (Free)
No time to go to the gym? That’s no excuse with the 7 Minute Workout app! The exercises can be completed anywhere and use nothing more than a chair, a wall and your own body weight! Based on the 7 minute workout featured in The New York Times Magazine the workout is based on scientific studies to provide the maximum benefit of working out regularly in the shortest time possible.

Full fitness exercise workout trainerFull Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer (£2.29)
If you want the benefits of a personal trainer but without the cost then this app is definitely for you. For only £2.29 you have access to hundreds of exercises developed by fitness pros. Each exercise is clearly explained with pictures, videos and text instructions, and sorted by body region, target muscle or equipment needed. You have the option of creating your very own custom exercises to meet your personal targets, or using one of the 30 pre-defined routines. You can even log your exercises and track your progress with progress apps.

Nike+ runningNike+ Running (Free)
Weather you’ve signed up for your first 5K or are looking to run a marathon, the Nike+ Running app gives you training programmes and daily workouts to help you reach your running goals. Using your phone’s GPS the app tracks your distance, elevation, pace and time and provides audio feedback at every mile. Track and share your progress with friends to keep you motivated.

30 day fitness challenges30 Day Fitness Challenges (Free)
Choose your challenge and level, and off you go! Choose from Ab, Push up, Squat, Tones arms, Firm butt, Plank, Thigh and Cardio challenges, with 48 levels ranging from beginner to advanced. The easy to follow 30 day workouts include rest days and gradually increase in intensity, working you up to Day 30, which is designed to test the fittest of us!

Sweat with kaylaSweat With Kayla (£14.99/month)
By downloading the Sweat With Kayla app you’ll be joining the world’s biggest female fitness community of more than 3 million #BBG girls, led by Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines. The app id designed as a easier, cheaper alternative to buying her Bikini Body Guides (BBG) programmes, and offers a 12 week programme with weekly coaching, 28 minute workouts, meal plans, and the ability to track your success with weekly selfies. Each week contains a number of resistance, LISS, HIIT and rehabilitaion workouts, depending upon which week you’re up to. As well as training exercises you’ll also have access to a daily menu and shopping list, helping you to plan out healthy meals and snacks for the week.

instant heart rateInstant Heart Rate (Free)
The fitter you are the lower your resting heart rate. Most adults have a resting heart rate of 60-100 beats per minute (bpm), though athletes may have a resting heart rate of 40-60 bpm. You don’t need expensive equipment to measure your heart rate, simply download the app and place your finger over the camera lens and in a couple of seconds your pulse will show on your phone screen.

sworkitSworkit (Free)
Create your own custom workouts from over 200 different exercises. Choose from strength, cardio, yoga and stretching, and select the length of your workout from 5 to 60 minutes, following the video trainer on screen as they guide you through each exercise. Or if you prefer you can pick one of the pre-made workouts targeting a particular area of your body and choosing the amount of time you have. See results in as little as 5 minutes a day!

superjuicemeSuperJuiceMe! (£9.99)
The number 1 best-selling juicing guru, Jason Vale, introduces the ‘Ultimate Juice Diet’ designed to completely transform your health in just 28 days. The average person loses 20-30 lbs on the SuperJuiceMe! Plan, which has been shown to improve a multitude of common lifestyle conditions including high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.

freeleticsFreeletics Bodyweight (Free, optional in-app purchases)
The Freeletics Bodyweight app provides an effective fitness training plan, adapted to your fitness level and goals. Choose from more than 900 workout variations between 10-30 minutes long, all using your own bodyweight – no equipment needed! Upgrade to the paid version to gain access to The Coach, your digital personal trainer, and more features such as fitness tests to assess your initial fitness level and additional options to customise your goals and training schedule.

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