5 Ways Exercising Can Help You Stress Less

5 Ways Exercising Can Help You Stress Less

Some people turn to a few beers or a couple of glasses of wine when the stress starts to take over, but hold on, we think there’s a better way to handle what’s getting you down. Exercise, and no, you might not think it sounds like a great idea now, but just wait. Check out these five awesome benefits of exercise on busting stress.

Clear your mind

A lot of what’s dragging you down has to do with what’s going on upstairs, in your head. Most modern situations which wind us up into a state, like traffic, work, money, they’re a pain, but they’re not immediately life-threatening. How you respond to them, that’s what matters.

Exercise helps to clear your mind, to gain perspective on your problems, and tackle them with a clear head. Think of exercise as a way of expanding your mind and making room for your thoughts to breathe. When they have room to breathe, you can deal with them much more effectively.

Get your blood pumping

The physical stress you feel from being bogged down by work and money, is way different to the positive physical stress of exercise. When you get your heart racing with exercise, you remind your body that this is what stress is supposed to feel like, not the teeth-grinding, headache-making mess you find yourself in at work and home.

Set yourself up for fun

Going straight from a stressful work day into something that should be fun, is a sure-fire way to not have any fun at all. You’re still all tensed up. Use exercise as a way to set yourself up for something you really enjoy.

If you’re planning a night out, don’t go into it burdened with the stress of work — hit up a workout before (50 burpees for time!) and notice how much more relaxed you feel.

Look better, feel better

When you’re stressed, it shows. Your skin looks tired and dull, your hair’s a mess. Exercise gets your blood pumping, which transports oxygen and nutrients all over your body. If you’re not exercising, all of that good stuff is just floating around, slowly, really not giving you what you need to thrive.

If you’re feeling stressed, you probably look stressed, so get your gym shoes on and fix it.

Socialise more

Stress is a response, a very natural human response. Socialising is also incredibly natural, and when we do it, we feel great.

Getting down the gym or out for a run with your mates, is one of the best ways to bust stress, and get healthy at the same time.


Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

Writer and expert

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