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Vitamins You Need For A Healthy Pregnancy

Vitamins You Need For A Healthy Pregnancy

Experiencing pregnancy is one of the most thrilling events in life, so it’s important that you and your baby are in the most tip-top shape from start to finish. Aside from the obvious like giving up alcohol for 9 months and stopping smoking, there are some vitamins you need to take which will massively reduce the risks or worries during pregnancy.

Not sure what these vitamins are? Here we break down the main vitamins which every pregnant woman needs for before pregnancy, after pregnancy, and beyond!

Folic acid

Folic acid is a special type of B vitamin which helps support pregnant women and prevent birth defects in newborns. The US Preventive Services Task Force even confirmed that women who are planning on becoming pregnant or are capable should take a daily supplement to reduce any risks, and that the best time to take them is at least one month before conception, through to the beginning two to three months of pregnancy.

One of the most common risks associated with not taking folic acid during pregnancy is neural tube defects, which could mean the newborn is born without brain and skull fragments, or spinal and backbone parts. This could either lead to lifelong disabilities or unfortunate loss of life, so a daily folic acid is certainly critical for ensuring an easy pregnancy.

You can get more folic acid by enjoying foods rich in folic acid, such as fortified cereal (most of them are nowadays), enriched pasta, spinach and other leafy greens, but the way you’ll most quickly up your folic acid intake is by taking your daily supplement dose.


Vitamin D 

Vitamin D has been broadly touted as necessary for pretty much everybody, especially given the reduced sunlight and indoor lifestyles most of us now lead, but it has been found that pregnant women in particular are the ones who need Vitamin D supplements more than others.

The Department of Health has advised that pregnant women should consume at least 10 micrograms of Vitamin D a day in the form of supplements in order to have a healthy, happy pregnancy. They also found that pregnant mothers are particularly deficient during the winter and spring months, so ensuring your Vitamin D at these times is especially important.

Once the baby is born, Vitamin D is still super essential for growing babies. Because breast milk doesn’t continue a sufficient amount of Vitamin D to support healthy bone growth, the American Academy of Pediatrics have advised that babies should be given Vitamin D supplements to prevent soft bones, low calcium, and risk of heart failure.


Baby On Board

Our new multivitamin Baby On Board contains a blend of the essential vitamins and minerals you’ll need during pregnancy. It has an impressive 200% of your recommended daily allowance (RDAs) of folic acid. The potent formula also contains B vitamins, iron, magnesium and 13 other vitamins and minerals that help to maintain normal energy release, blood cell formulation and bone health ensuring you and baby are protected from conception all the way to birth.

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