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Vitamin D ‘can prevent the risk of cold & flu’

Vitamin D ‘can prevent the risk of cold & flu’

Up until now, Government advice on Vitamin D has always focused around its beneficial properties to strengthen bones and teeth. But now, new research published in the British Journal of Medicine has now found that this “Sunshine Vitamin” also plays a significant role within preventing symptoms of cold & flu, something of which causes millions of death worldwide each year.


The Findings


The NHS-backed study, carried out by researchers at Queen Mary Univerisity London analysed data of around 11,000 participants from 25 clinical trials in 14 countries. The influential meta analysis involved people whom of which were suffering from acute respiratory illnesses including bronchitis, pneumonia and earache.

The researchers found that one off, large dose supplementation of the vitamin showed little benefit. However, DAILY intake of either D3 or D2 showed a tremendous improvements. The study found that, following supplementation, those with lowest levels of vitamin D prior to the study saw a 50% decrease in the risk of infection. It also reduced the risk of infection even in those with higher vitamin D levels by 10%.

The Science



The reasoning behind these findings are due to the levels of antimicrobial peptides in vitamin D, it’s these peptides which have protective, antibiotic properties within the lungs. Vitamin D supplementation is already recommended in winter months and these findings prove that this advice is more valuable than ever.

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